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Hadith (also known as Sunnah/Sunnat) -acts and says of Muhammed

Hadith (also known as Sunnah/Sunnat)

As in almost all religions, Mohammed was greatly revered by his followers. They wanted to live their life like he did. So when Mohammed was living, people noted and remembered what he did, and said. These stories and reports are called the Hadith (pronounced ‘Hadees’).

In most cases, the stories were true. There are reports of some hadith being fabricated for political gain, but most hadith are true and believed by most Muslims. Some of them have been incorporated into Islamic laws (Shariah), such as cutting of hands, stoning to death, half inferitance and testimonial rights of women, violation of women’s rights such as compulsory veiliing, ban on driving, requirement of 4 witnesses in event of a woman being raped, etc.

Once I was in a mosque, when I was a muslim, and they told me, that the ‘sunnat’ way of sleeping was on your right side. Similarly, other hadith tell us about ways to do other things in life. Most of them dont make sense and often preach wrong moral ideas. Some do, but again, the clever Mohammed included good things in Islam to catch people’s attention. If Islam was 100% evil, it would not have so many followers as it does today. An example of hadith not making sense is rubbing ourselves with an odd number of stones after we’ve attended a nature call.

Hadith that make sense talk about being good to your neighbour (Do we need a prophet to tell us this?). Other sensible stuff in Hadith is derived from common sense and other religions.

Many hadith teach wrong moral ideas, An example of one of the most violent ones is to order to kill anyone who has left Islam. Numerous hadith encourage hatred and violence against non-Muslims.

So this is hadith in a nutshell and we hope we have clarified enough in as short concise manner as possible. If you need more clarification, please dont hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer your questions and include them in the FAQ section.

There is a growing number of Muslims who dont believe in Hadith. Eventually, Muslims will let go of Quran as well and become apostates just like us.

There are some hadith which call for our killing, and this is what concerns apostates most. Mohammed knew apostates of Islam could easily shake up people’s beliefs. For this reason, he ordered to kill us, as demonstrated in the following hadith:

“Whoever changes his religion, kill him.”
[Bukhari, Hakim, Ibn Abi Shaybah, Tabarani]

A web site which reports on what has actually happened to apostates in muslim countries is given here:

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  1. […] Hadith (also known as Sunnah/Sunnat) -acts and says of Muhammed […]

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  2. Well im not surprised that the order is to kill them because when they are like you, who probably truly failed to understand islam and never really feared God in anyway then go out and mislead non muslims. Maybe the earth would be better rid of people like you.

    BTW in hot climates where there was sometimes no water as you know Tayammum can be done which is basically a symbolic cleansing using dust. As for the call of nature and stones, where water is scarce it becomes necessary to preserve water it and 1400 years ago paper was not invented yet not to mention toilet rolls thus stones were used to “Cleanse”. Surely you clean yourself after urinating or do you just let it wipe in to your underpants?

    Comment by majnun | November 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Ah, but I do truly understand Islam and that is the problem. Understanding and rejecting its falsehoods and its founder, I am able to call others t the truth.

      I have no reason to fear God, because I am His disciple and follow Him in act, deed, and word. But, it is the one true God, the Judeo-Christian God, the God of Abraham of Moses of Jesus. The world would be better with more like me, who know truth and share this truth for the benefit of all mankind, who follow the great commission to bring the message of God to all people.

      I’ll simply not respond to the silliness of asking regarding personal hygiene.

      Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | November 23, 2010 | Reply

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