Thoughts and Truth from the Impossible Life

Gospel of John 8:32 | انجيل يوحنا 8: 32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

انجيل يوحنا 8: 32 “تعرفون الحق والحق يحرركم”

What kind of message does it send to God if His children, those called by His name, either do not seek truth or carelessly ignore what they have? Perhaps it would be good for us to think of it like this: He is Truth personified. Therefore, to ignore truth is to ignore Him and, by extension, to ignore salvation. Remember, salvation is the active, continuous process by which God delivers us from what causes disease in the mental and physical areas of life and eternal death in the spiritual. Is it really worthwhile to ignore truth?

Truth does not come to us all at once. It gradually accumulates in those who ask, seek, and knock for it, then use it in their own lives to glorify God. We do not always easily find it. Sometimes truth emerges only after a long and confusing search that is constantly impeded by conflicting information. Nevertheless, we must persevere!

يقدم انجيل يوحناموقع معرفة انجيل المسيح. الانجيل هو رسالة شخصية من الله لك. ففي معرفتك لـ الانجيل ستصل إلى الحق الذي يريدك الله أن تحياه. وهذا الحق يحررك من الخطية ومن عقابها الأبدي، من خلال الإيمان بالمسيح يسوع رباً وسيداً ومخلصاً لحياتك بحسب الإنجيل. الخبر السار “الانجيل” هو أن المسيح دفع ثمن خطاياك على الصليب كي لا تعاقب في القيامة إن آمنت به. نتمنى لك قراءةً وفهماً ودراسةً ممتعة للانجيل المقدس.

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