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How has Islam effected the world politically?

Every country that has been affected by political Islam and the imposition of Sharia, Islamic Law based on the book dictated by Mohammad from mostly borrowed half remembered Judeo-Christianity and Pagans in the areas of Mecca and Medina in present day Saudi Arabia.  Other than what he borrowed of these religious systems at the time, he added verses known as Suras to the Qu’ran that justified his actions because Allah, Arabic for God, told him to do it.


Sharia Law is based on the Qu’ran, mostly the latter suras written to justify his and his followers robbery, plundering, lying, raping, subjugation and murder of any who would not submit to his rule and to Islam.


In Muslim majority countries, predominantly in the Middle East, the imposition of Sharia Law is the cause of almost all the political turmoil that exists in the world.  There is no peace in Islam whose goal is world domination. As Islam is spread through deception such as stating Islam is a religion of peace (the exact opposite is true and link is below), relocation to non-Muslim majority countries and higher birthrates, the violence and turmoil within the targeted country increases dramatically. Examples of this is are the increasing violence, riots, murders in France and Great Britain.


Here is the right and correct explanation of the suras that encourage violence in the name of Islam, not the lying (known as Taqiyya, lying to advance the cause of Islam) of Islamic apologists:


Here is documented examples of the violence, political and social upheaval done in the name of Islam from all nations all over the world.


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