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Virginia State Senator Proposes Castrating Sex Offenders

What an idiot. Give the government the power to do permanent damage AFTER they have served their time! What are we MUSLIMS?! Should we start chopping off hands of thieves? How about beheadings too?! Save a few dollars on incarcerat­ion. Heck, why even buy a sword, they can use an old rusty sickle. How have we offended you, off with their Heads says the Queen of Hearts in the Alice in Wonderland world of VA Republican Sen. Emmett Hanger!
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Paula Bishop Mcgee: sex offenders can never be cured so I say castrate them! If they have the hots for kids let them reap what they sow!

Paula Bishop Mcgee: I say do it instead of a trial, if it is a child they messed with just hang them on the town square.

Lisa ImpeachtheKenyansquatter Rockwell: Agree Paula. There is NO proof whatsoever incarceration, nor “therapy” cures these sick, vile people. They are turned on by the violence of the act…same as child molesters are turned on by children. There is no room in society for demonic people like these. A few public hangings or the firing squad would be appropriate. In jail…they have all the perks of home. What punishment is that? In prison, they just learn to hone their skills.

Paul Marcel: Most sex offenders are not pedophiles. That is a myth. Also, sex offenders have a less than 10% the recidivism rate of all other crimes and more than half those who commit another crime are committing economic crimes of survival rather than sex offenses.

The point of my post is that the government can not be granted this type of power. Once the genie is out, like all the abuses of power, it get MUCH worse. Of course, the proposed law is Sharia Compliant which is enough that it should strike terror in even the law abiding population.

Lisa ImpeachtheKenyansquatter Rockwell: If I have to choose between protecting my children from rapists or feeling sorry for the criminal…..I’ll protect my child. Now, I do agree it is a slippery slope granting the gov that kind of power, however Paul….the liberals “feel good…” mentality towards the criminal has only made these crimes worse. I believe if you are an adult, and CHOOSE to commit these types of crimes, a mere slap on the wrist is not sufficient. These are violent acts committed against innocent people. I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who preys on another human, and inflicts harm on purpose, for sick, evil, vile self gratifying reasons.

Paula Bishop Mcgee: thats why we keep loaded guns, anyone comes around our house looking to do harm is going to find themselves on the wrong side of the grass! Us Texas girs don’t miss when we aim our gun!

Paul Marcel: I agree. These vile crimes need to be addressed. What ever did happen to “chain gangs” of severe work and punishment? A rape etc is about as vile as can be done. But legal castration in the hands of the government isn’t the answer. Maybe a “Lost” island of these people away from society. I don’t really know the answer, but I know the government can only make it worse with that kind of power. I understand the feeling though. The reality is even castration won’t address the vile tendencies of these criminals as “drive” is located in a part that can be removed.

Paul Marcel: Same here Paula. One shot and the menace to society trying to hurt mine will be on the way to hell in the express lane.
Rachel Marcel-Rene: Paul means it too. He is very protective of not just family but all innocent people. My husband always stands up for what is right no matter how unpopular that is sometimes.

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