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Jesus Is The Son Of God

Jesus is the SON of God, not a mere prophet. And after Him there are NO other prophets of the One True God. Mohammed was no prophet and the qu’ran is not scripture. There is nothing holy or even respectable about the qu’ran or Mohammed. Mohammed recited the first part from half remembered Christianity, Judiasm and local paganism in an attempt to convert followers to his band of robbers. When this failed miserably, he invented and then recited new revelations to justify his actions such as murder, robbery, violence, oppression, rape, molestation of young girls (calling it marriage doesn’t mean it isn’t rape and molestation), sex with the dead (his aunt), women as property, etc. The first relatively calm suras being replaced by the newer suras. (This policy of the old suras being replaced and no longer being valid is called subligation an is taught by Mohammed as official theology.) Additional official theology of Islam comes from the Hadith and Sunnat, of which there again is violence, oppression, and plans for total world domination. The One True God of Christianity IS NOT the god (lowercase on purpose) of Islam. Allah is Arabic for god, but they are complete opposites. The One True God of Christianity is love, hope, and eternal life. The god (allah) of Islam is the god of hate, violence, oppression, and eternal damnation.

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