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Confused Facebook Muslims Don’t Know Israel History

Amanda Lynn

ROFL @ Muslims can go anywhere. If I could leave the USA, I would. But it’s not a “Muslims are welcome in Muslim countries” thing. The immigration requirements for Muslim countries are the same as other countries. A Muslim can’t just up and… go to live in a Muslim country like Jews can Israel. If we could, I’d be so out of here (I have scars from being hit with rocks for merely walking down the street and got death threats after Osama was killed. I hated the prick too. But somehow people want to accuse me of liking him).And this isn’t about Jews or Muslims or Christians… This is about displaced human beings. I’ve met Jewish and Christian Palestinians. This is about people getting kicked out of their home for something others did. The Semites who were from there deserve that land be they Jew, Christian, Muslim, or other. The entire problem is discrimination.

What needs to happen is they need to accept each other and reach an aggreement for non-violence. I’m tired of hearing people saying “Jews are evil” or “Muslims are evil”… We both originate from that area

Cynthia Bloemer

Paul Marcel

@Amanda, please leave your passport at the border on your way to any free Islamic dominated country. Oh, sorry, there are none. Hundrends of thousands of ex-patriots move out of the US every year, so you most certainly could if you wanted to, though you’d have to surrender your rights of freedom, free speech, free assembly, freedom from oppression and violence. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that we are in Christian America that we have these God given rights and are free from the evils of Sharia law that Mohammad invented to dominate and oppress the world. I’m sure Billions of people would be interested in the true history of the Philistine people (non-Arab people) that populated the area of present day Israel. There are no Palestinian people. There has never been a Palestinian people or identity or country. All the violence in the Middle East is caused by Islam. It is the displaced and disenfranchised Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, that are being called (incorrectly) palestinian. Anyway, the complete truthful history of Israel is available if you’d like to educate yourself rather than relying on the lies taught by Islamic apologists and propagandist. Have a great day.


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