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Why Vote Democratic by Jan On America

June 11, 2011 - Posted by | Politics/Government/Freedom, Societal / Cultural Issues


  1. Jan, I would love to give your flawed logic a good public thrashing. Apparently, you censor anyone on your page that’s not in your cheering section. With that said, there are plenty of sites that host debates on the Internet. Of course, you won’t accept my challenge because you would rather preach to the choir and lack the courage of your convictions. In the event you have the backbone to take up my challenge (which I highly doubt), then you really should pick up a primer on logical fallacies. It won’t keep me from stomping a mud hole in your ass, figuratively speaking, but it might keep me from walking it dry. Frankly, though, I doubt that as well.

    BTW, I find your admiration for Thomas Jefferson fascinating. Don’t you know he denied the deity of Jesus Christ? He literally took a blade to the Bible and cut out the B.S. He’s even noted as saying it was like looking for a diamond in a dunghill. It’s called the Jefferson Bible. Jefferson was a great man indeed.

    FWIW, I didn’t vote in the last election. Nevertheless, when I do, I’ve all ways voted for the Democratic Party. To paraphrase Truman, if you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat.

    Comment by Chuck Jones | October 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. Democratic Party? I thought it was Democrat Party. That aside, Jefferson took the parts of the Bible that he understood and wasn’t creating a new bible. Those were his private studies that, after his death, became known as the Jefferson Bible. Merely a collection of his thoughts.

    Comment by David Witt | November 7, 2011 | Reply

  3. Democrats make up the Democratic Party. As far as your other quibble, that’s essentially my point; I find it fascinating that a self-proclaimed Christian would hold Thomas Jefferson (who was a deist) in such high esteem being that he clearly saw through the falsehoods found in the Judeo-Christian Bible. Jefferson’s policies were so effective that they have kept Christians hamstrung to this day.

    Comment by Chuck Jones | November 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Just a quick point; there are no falsehoods in the Holy Bible. None.

      Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | November 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. Thank you for teaching me the truth of the One True God and His Son Jesus. As no one can refute these truths, I will submit to the Lordship of the Son of God Jesus and ask for forgiveness of my sins so that I can too have eternal life. Bless you for leading me to the truth and salvation!

    Comment by Chuck Jones | November 13, 2011 | Reply

  5. Thank you for pointing out my error. I now know the Bible is inerrant and apologize for the hard time I gave you in private for my brashness in my error. I apologize for trying to get you to respond to my error filled comments on my time schedule rather than considering that you are an extremely busy servant of God as well as running an ongoing business. It is not often I humble myself or admit error in behavior. All those who know me will testify of this. Going forward I will do better. God bless you.

    Comment by Chuck Jones | November 14, 2011 | Reply

    • You’re welcome. Don’t give your brashness another thought. Even this servant of the One True God and His Son Jesus can be a bit brash when falsely challenged on the truth.

      Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | November 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you for the free publicity. If just one person is led to the truth of One True God His Son Jesus, then you have done a service to God. Bless you my brother in Christ Jesus. And, btw, when I have time, I’ll address and refute as necessary any valid points you may have stumbled upon in the publicity entries you’ve generously created for God through your blog.

      Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | November 14, 2011 | Reply

      • Roger Christian ‎*** (Isaiah 44:6) So says Jehovah, the King of Israel, and His redeemer Jehovah of Hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and besides Me there is = “NO” = God.

        Exposing the LIES… of Islam…!
        For a quick overview… I will give you the main issues. I will also provide you with some other internet reference points. You will have to wade through them and sort out the “Truth and the Lies”. Obviously a religion that started…. Circa 700-AD… cannot be… Of the One True God!

        1. Islam / Muslim Religion did not start till… Circa 700-AD.
        2. Abraham is the physical Father of both ‘the Jew and the Arab’, through his sons.
        3. Abraham’s lineage… ‘the Jews’… follow Jehovah God.
        4. Abraham’s lineage… ‘the Arabs’… follow Allah.
        5. Ishmael [first born son of Hagar = Sarah’s servant girl = The Arab].
        6. Isaac [second born son – from Abraham’s Wife = The Jewish Lineage] .
        7. Allah claims to be God… ‘Allah Akbar = Only Allah is God.
        8. Jehovah says He is The Only God… “Isaiah 44:5-6” and many other verses.
        9. Judaism started with Abram and the Covenant from Jehovah God 1900-BC, some 2,600-years before Islam.

        Now here are… interesting internet links about Islam. I would even have you look at the one, where ‘Salman Rushdie’ was threatened with ‘DEATH’… for publishing a book about Islam… mocking its religion as false. In this modern day… how could a ‘civilized religion’… place a Death Bounty on another human being? Could not “Allah”… Himself… Kill Salman Rushdie? He has to have his Religious Leaders proclaim his death? How then can Islam… be a religion of “Peace?” It cannot! “Death to All Infidels!” “Convert to Islam… or Die!”

        Final note and comment…! I simply ask you to examine these facts. Test them not only with these internet references. Go to other encyclopedia references. Do not believe me without checking these facts. Follow the Historical Time Line.
        My Blogs about Islam…. from the Christian Perspective!

        Christ Jesus or Jesus (pbuh) – 101 Blog. [1/5]
        In Christ Jesus, Roger.
        2 minutes ago · Like
        Roger Christian Evidence of Multiple Qur’an Versions

        Muslim source materials report that at least four different versions of the Aur’an existed before the political order was given to require the books to be burned. (Refer to “al-Tamihid 2, 247). (3)
        To begin, at least tow versions were written by people close to Based on Muslims sources the differences were great enough to reports differences so serious as to cause one Muslim group to call another group heretics:
        During the reign of Uthman, teachers were teaching this or that reading to their students. When the students met and disagreed about the reading, they reported the differences to their teachings. They would defend their readings, condemning the others as heretical. (Abu Bakr Abdullah b. abi Da’ud K. al Masahif)
        So a political decision was made to have only one Qur’an. This did not go over well with the original people who created their unique version of the Qur’an. Who were these “chosen’ people ?
        Muslim source materials reveal some of these select people who are known to have created their unique version of the Qur’an (Sahih Bakhari, Volume 5, Book 58 Number 150). (4)
        I heard the Prophe saying “Learn the recitation of Qur’an from four persons; (a) Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (b) Salim, the freed slave of Abu Hudhaifa (killed in 633 battle), (c) Ubayy B. Ka’ab and (d) Muadh bin Jabal.”

        So a few select people close to Muhammad (as well as other people) thought they knew the Qur’an and collected their personal version. These versions f the Qur’an became widely distributed and used. This is why Muslim soldiers were arguing and calling one another heretics. After the “official” Quran was released and the order was given to burn all other versions, some very bad feeling came out. Let’s begin with mas’ud, who was asked to burn his personal version of the Qur’an.

        Muhammad Said, “Learn The Qur’an from Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud
        “How can you order me to recite the reading of Zaid, when I recited from the very mouth of the prophet some seventy Surahs ?” “Am I,” asks Abdullah, “to abandon what I acquired form the very lips of the Prophet ?” (Abu Bakr Abudullah b. abi Da’ud “K. al Masahif). (5)
        Below is one of the most important questions that Muslims need to answer.


        Since Mas’ud refused to burn his unique version of the Qur’an, it is doubtful that Mas’ud would honestly answer that the Qur’an of toaday is pure. It is important to ask, “Why did Masu’d refuse to give in and destroy his unique version of the Qur’an ?

        Mas’ud was a close companion and personal servant of Muhammad. The prophet Muhammad taught the Qur’an to Masu’d in person. Due to his close relationship with the prophet, Mas’ud would have had confidence that he was qualified to create his unique version of the Qur’an.

        Mas’ud, moved to Kufa, Iraq where he completed his unique version of the Qur’an (called the Kufan Codex). The unique Qur’an created by Mas’ud was completed years after the most important original manuscript (634 CE) that Hafsah kept until she died in 667 CE. In addition, the Qur’an version creatd by Mas’ud did not have chapters 1, 113 and 114 that are in the ‘official” Quran of today. Is the Qur’an truly pure as believed by Muslims today ?(6)


        Another unique Qur’an was created by Ubayy B. Ka’ab, which became accepted by Muslims living in Syria. Ubayy was a close companion of Muhammad and served as a secretary to Muhammad. Ubayy could recite much of the Qur’an, which he had learned from the prophet Muhammad. Scholars have found that Ubayy’s version different from the “official” Qur’an with two additional chapoters (entitled in Arabic; Surat al-khal and surat al-afd). Since Ubayy was taught the Qur’an by the prophet Muhammad, why doesn’t the “official” Qur’an contain the two additional chapters ?

        Ubayy died during the reign of Umar, which was before the “official” Qur’an was created by Uthman. Therefore, Ubayy did no have to witness that his version of the Qur’an was burned by fire. Since Ubayy created a unique versin fo the Qur’an and had learned from the mouth of the prophet Muhammad, would be have agreed with Mas’ud by refusing to give in and destroy his unique version of the Qur’an ?

        Due to Uthman’s decision to create an “official” version of the Qur’an, Ubayy’s version of the Qur’an was di\estroyd. It is important to ask, “Is the Qur’an pure ?”


        Muadh bin Jabal was the fourth person chosen by Muhammad to learn how to recite the Qur’an. Appendix E discusses what Muadh bin Jabal reported about Muhammad foretelling the future.

        Now consider the original Qur’an called the Hafsah Codex. It was destroyed by Muslims leaders immediately after Hafsah died. It is most important to ask, “Wy did Hafsah not wish to have this most important original manuscript of the Qur’an to be burnt?”

        We know that the “official” Qur’an version of today comes from Zaid ibn Thabit, who was the youngest writing member. Zaid, being younger, outlived others who had spent more time with Muhammad. However, in the end it was Zaid’s version of the Qur’an that was selected by Uthman for the “official” Qur’an.

        Muslims who had been close to Muhammad become righteously angry when Uthman insisted that only one version of the Qur’an be used. Islamic sources show that the purity of the Qur’an from the days of Muhammad was compromised. If no variants existed, then no book burning party would have been required.

        Standard Muslim Response
        Muslims believe that seven versions of the Qur’an exist but that only Uthman’s Qur’an is correct. So Muslims disregard the “official” book burning party cited in Muslim source materials. However, this acceptance shows that Muslims are living on “Blind faith” in the “Official” Qur’an.

        The Einstein Method approach to finding words from outside time-space supports the conclusion that Muslims are living on “blind faith” alone. If Muhammad could consistently foretell the future, then the Qur’an could be regard as coming from God. However, this has not been demonstrated. The politically motivated book burning party of early Muslim leaders supports that the Qur’an is from a false Gabriel.
        about a minute ago · Like
        Roger Christian I copied these from the Quran.

        In Qur’an 25:44, Allah says that unbelievers are worse than cattle and animals.

        Ibn Kathir provides the reason why non-Muslims are worse than animals and grazing cattle: cattle only do what they were created to do, but these people were created to worship Allah alone without associating partners with Him, but they worship others with Him, even though evidence has been established against them and Messengers have been sent to them.

        Allah hurls further insults to the Jews and Christians if they do not accept the Qur’an. Allah says in Qur’an 4:47 that the Qur’an confirms the books sent before it; the people of the book are cursed if they do not believe in the Qur’an. Because of this calumny Allah may efface their faces. According to ibn Kathir effacing means turning them blind; turn their faces backward means to put their faces on their backs and make them walk backwards, and curse them means to turn them into animals.

        Allah says in Qur’an 6:122 that He raises the believers from the dead and provides them with light to enable them to move among the disbelievers; but the unbelievers move in total darkness.

        Commenting on this verse Maulana Abul Ala Maududi, a modern exegete of the Qur’an writes (Tafheem ul Quran commentary number 6/88):

        Death signifies here the state of ignorance and lack of consciousness, whereas life denotes the state of knowledge and true cognition, the state of awareness of Reality. He, who cannot distinguish between right and wrong and does not know the Straight Way for human life, may be alive on the biological plane, but his essential humanity is not. He may be a living animal but is certainly not a living human being. A living human being is one who can distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, honesty from dishonesty.

        Readers should note that ‘Straight Way’ means Islam. The gist of Maududi’s comment is that a human being who does not accept Islam is a living animal.

        Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | November 14, 2011 | Reply

  6. @Chuck. Yes, the graphic you posted above is exactly the way she operates. Needless to say, she is no force that will damage anything at all. Her followers believe that as long as they “Like” her page and post to her wall they have done their part. There will be a small portion of her “clan” voting if any do at all.

    I posted the law as it states what is allowed and what is not allowed as far as what is related to displaying the American flag and she removed it and restricted me from posting to her wall. I now wish that I had posted something less helpful and more along the lines of a last ditch effort to say what I think, not what I have read and respect.

    As long as she stays on Facebook, she won’t be swaying anyone with the guts to do what is needed to actually change anything.

    Be cool,
    Kelly J.

    Comment by kellyjdrummer | November 15, 2011 | Reply

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