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The Hard Life of Muslim Terrorists in Israeli Prison

The Hard Life of Muslim Terrorists in Israeli Prison
by Daniel Greenfield | | June 20, 2011

Six years ago, Saeed Shalalde stabbed an Israeli chocolate manufacturer named Sasson Nuriel to death. Today Shalalde lives the good life in an Israeli prison. There terrorists mingle, throw parties, study for advanced degrees and stay in touch with their adoring fans on Facebook using their 3G mobile smartphones.

For Muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons, life is more like a vacation. Hamas terrorist Haytham Battat, who was responsible for the murder of four Israelis, uses his Facebook page to share Jihadi videos from YouTube. In his recent facebook photos, PFLP terrorist Saeed Omar, who was sentenced to nineteen years in jail, poses with his favorite soccer team’s banner, feasts with other terrorists on a table covered with dozens of dishes supplemented by bottles of Coca Cola, and posts scraps of poetry calling for the destruction of Israel.

Using a 3G smartphone, Omar is able to update his own Facebook ‘fan page’ from prison. Other terrorists use smartphone video to go shopping with their friends and pick out their own clothes, which are then brought to them in prison, and remotely attend family events. Sometimes it seems like they’re not even in prison.

Muslim terrorists like Shalade, Batta and Omar refuse to recognize the existence of Israel. And thankfully they’re not forced to watch television programming from the Zionist entity. Instead they enjoy satellite Arab TV channels. Courtesy of the Israeli prison system.

Buying treats and luxury goods isn’t a challenge either. Every convicted Muslim terrorist receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority. Even members of Hamas. That money is provided by American and European taxpayers. As much as 10 percent of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is dedicated to paying the salaries of imprisoned terrorists, benefits to their families and the families of terrorists who weren’t lucky enough to end up in Israeli prisons, but tried to shoot it out instead.

With that money, Muslim terrorists not only eat better than Jewish prisoners, they even eat better than the prison guards who watch over them. While the orphans of the men and women they murdered go hungry, their murderers stuff themselves like pigs in prisons that exist in name only. Waiting for the day when Israel will agree to exchange a thousand of them for a single hostage.

The estimated 100 million dollars annually that goes to benefits for captured or killed terrorists shows what big business terrorism is for the Palestinian Authority. Both the terrorist attacks and the good life that terrorists enjoy in prison is subsidized by aid money from governments that claim to oppose terrorism. And then go on to subsidize it anyway.

One of the charges leveled against Saddam Hussein was that he was promoting terrorism by making payments to the families of suicide bombers. But every country that provides aid to the Palestinian Authority is indirectly doing the same thing. The only difference between what Saddam Hussein was doing, and what the EU and the US are doing, is that we have one degree of separation that provides plausible deniability. The Palestinian Authority acts as our middleman, requesting money for security and then doling it out to terrorists.

The Obama Administration dramatically escalated aid to terrorists. In 2008, it provided 600 million dollars worth of assistance to the Palestinian Authority. In 2009, it pledged 900 million dollars. By 2010, the PA had pulled in almost 4 billion dollars from international donors, including the US. But that hasn’t stopped Prime Minister Fayyad from denouncing US aid as “extortion”. Foreign aid makes up 60 percent of its Gross National Product. The Palestinian Authority does not have an economy. It has foreign aid.

The Palestinian Authority is run by terrorists. The shortest path to the top is to form your own terrorist cell and begin murdering Israeli civilians. And the reward is a chance to dip into the golden river of foreign aid and divert some of it their way. Terrorists who are on the loose enjoy wealth and international respect. And even when they are captured, they receive kid glove treatment in prison.

The tidal wave of human rights accusations leveled at Israel has caused the government to bend over backward to show how well it treats Muslim terrorists. IDF soldiers operate under tightly restricted rules of engagement, similar to those which are causing serious US casualties in Afghanistan. And Israeli prisons turn a blind eye to terrorists posting propaganda on Facebook from inside their own walls.

Human rights activists often describe Gaza as a prison. A prison with free electricity and free water. While Israelis pay premium amounts for water, Hamas supporters in Khan Younis get it free of charge. Israel provides 40 million cubic meters of water. So much water that while in Israel residents carefully measure how much water they use, in Khan Younis they opened up their own water park.

If Israel were to pull the plug on the electricity and water — Gaza would revert to the stone age in a matter of weeks. The smartphones would have no place to be recharged. The Facebook accounts promoting a Third Intifada wouldn’t be able to be updated from computers with no power. And the bomb making labs would no longer be able to count on using power tools or plot their strikes using electronic maps.

But just as terrorists like Shahalde and Omar get to keep their smartphones, The Palestinian Authority and Hamas run Gaza get to keep their water and power. The hard life of a Muslim terrorist that CNN and the BBC report on simply doesn’t exist.

The Israeli example is not unique. Muslim terrorists live on the dole in every Western country. Major newspapers give them flattering profiles and taxpayer money is pumped into their organizations. And still they cry that they are persecuted. Tormented, abused and deprived of their rights.

The truth is not what you see on TV. The truth is that there are “refugee camps” full of mansions paid for by international aid. The truth is that terrorists in prison are gorging themselves on luxuries paid for by American taxpayers and preening for their admirers on Facebook using smartphones that many American and Israeli families can’t afford. The truth is that terrorism is big business. And we’re the ones picking up the tab.



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Obama Wants to Jail Americans with New Law

By Europe Union Times

Foreign Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin are warning that an already explosive situation in the United States is about to get a whole lot worse as a new law put forth by President Obama is said capable of seeing up to 500,000 American citizens jailed for the crime of opposing their government.
Sparking the concern of Russian diplomats over the growing totalitarian bent of the Obama government is the planned reintroduction of what these reports call one of the most draconian laws ever introduced in a free society that is titled “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”.
First introduced in the US Congress in 2007 by Democratic Representative Jane Harmon, this new law passed the US House of Representatives by a secretive voice vote, but failed to pass the US Senate, after which it was believed dead until this past week when it was embraced by Obama who became the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to his Nations security.
In what is called the National Security Strategy document, that is required of US Presidents by their Congress, that embraces the dictatorial ideals of the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”, Obama has ordered his Federal police and intelligence forces to begin targeting Americans opposed to him and his radical socialist polices.
Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor, John Brennan, in speaking to reporters about this new “strategy” says it makes the problem of home-grown terrorists a top priority because an increasing number of individuals in the US have become “captivated by extremist ideology or causes.”
The Times of London is further reporting that Obama’s new National Security Strategy “officially” ends America’s “War on Terror” in what they call “a sweeping repudiation of the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes.”
And as Obama begins re-focusing his forces from fighting America’s foreign enemies, to those opposed to him in his own country, it is important to remember the warning about this new law given by the former CIA official, Philip Giraldi, who had previously warned of the Bush-Cheney plan to attack Iran with nuclear weapons, and who said:
“The mainstream media has made no effort to inform the public of the impending Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The Act, which was sponsored by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, was passed in the House by an overwhelming 405 to 6 vote on October 24th and is now awaiting approval by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.
Harman’s bill contends that the United States will soon have to deal with home grown terrorists and that something must be done to anticipate and neutralize the problem. The act deals with the issue through the creation of a congressional commission that will be empowered to hold hearings, conduct investigations, and designate various groups as “homegrown terrorists.”
The commission will be tasked to propose new legislation that will enable the government to take punitive action against both the groups and the individuals who are affiliated with them. Like Joe McCarthy and HUAC in the past, the commission will travel around the United States and hold hearings to find the terrorists and root them out.
Unlike inquiries in the past where the activity was carried out collectively, the act establishing the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Commission will empower all the members on the commission to arrange hearings, obtain testimony, and even to administer oaths to witnesses, meaning that multiple hearings could be running simultaneously in various parts of the country.
The ten commission members will be selected for their “expertise,” though most will be appointed by Congress itself and will reflect the usual political interests. They will be paid for their duties at the senior executive pay scale level and will have staffs and consultants to assist them.
Harman’s bill does not spell out terrorist behavior and leaves it up to the Commission itself to identify what is terrorism and what isn’t.
Language inserted in the act does partially define “homegrown terrorism” as “planning” or “threatening” to use force to promote a political objective, meaning that just thinking about doing something could be enough to merit the terrorist label.
The act also describes “violent radicalization” as the promotion of an “extremist belief system” without attempting to define “extremist.”
As an example of those American’s Obama will be targeting, Giraldi further writes that The Simon Wiesenthal Center, in testifying before the US Congress in support of this new law, swore that an organization called “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” was an example of a homegrown terrorist organization, leading one Russian diplomat in this report to state:
“If 1,200 of America’s top architectural and engineering professionals are deemed terrorists simply because they question their governments propaganda than truly no one is safe in the United States anymore”.
As another example of how dictatorial the Obama regime has become, and as the Gulf of Mexico oil debacle has now become the worst ecological disaster our World has ever seen, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, this past week slammed American reporters for “asking too many questions about BP”.
Leading one to ask that if Obama’s regime can’t be asked about this disaster, what can they be asked about?
The answer is apparently none, as Obama himself, just this past week, in announcing his signing of a new law called the Press Freedom Act refused to answer any reporters’ questions and abruptly left them standing in stupefaction over the irony an ordeal that shows how far America has fallen.
Another irony apparently lost upon the American people is that their President Obama, who has been dubbed “The Great Communicator”, now holds the dubious distinction of having held fewer press conferences than any American President in modern history.
And if yesterday’s press conference, his first in nearly a year, was any example one can see why as incredulous press corps was left astounded that Obama had no knowledge of the firing/resignation of one of his top officials.
In all of these events one fact, beyond all others, stands out….in what was once called “The Land of the Free, And the Home of the Brave”…..the United States today has become “The Land Of Slave, And the Home of the Coward”….and these Americans have only themselves to blame.
Original Article Here

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Zivah by Michelle Bosworth

Zivah by Michelle Bosworth

Posted on May 30, 2011 by michellebosworth
I had no idea what to expect when I walked into a hole-in-the-wall Israeli restaurant today. Certainly I had no premonitions that I was about to laugh my hardest and tear up with heavyhearted sympathy the next.

Her name was Zivah and she was a couple of years younger than me. When I entered the dining room she ran up to greet me warmly and said, “You come here before? No? Come closer to me- I will show you food.”

Zivah led me to the buffet table where there was a small, scrumptious selection of breakfast items laid out.

“I make yogurt,” she informed me proudly and then took me to a table and poured me a cup of coffee.

Her brown eyes were gentle and her lips never stopped moving. She swung by my table often on her way to serve other patrons and she always had a funny yarn to spin. I giggled and giggled and almost lost a mouthful of hummus and feta once. She also told me very serious stories about her homeland and I sat dazed as I listened about a life I could not imagine.

“I go back to Israel for 3 months every year,” she informed me on one pass-by. “I eat on the roof there. I can see missiles fly overhead, but they do not land where I stay. My grandparents told me to stop being scared. I used to sit on roof and see a missile and say, ‘Oh, shit!’, but now I used to it.”

“Wow,” I said, my eyes huge. “I can’t even imagine living like that.”

“It is war there. War all the time, but there is war here too.”

I snorted. “In America? You’re kidding. We have freedom; we have it so easy.”

“I have been to bad cities in America. I have seen gangs hurt people, kill people. War is everywhere. Here, in this city where you and I are, we are safe, but that is not so in other places. War is just different in America, but it is still here.”

“It’s just how you interpret it?” I questioned.

“Yes. Where I come from, the Jews, they steal the young boys from our families. We learn to hide them. The Jews come and ask if there are young males in the house and we tell them no- we hide them underground or in caves.”

I swallowed the food in my mouth and leaned forward.

“One time they come to my house. We hid my brothers underground. My grandfather say, ‘No boys live here. We only have this young girl.’ They dragged me out of the house. I was 13. I screamed and cried. The only thing they made me do is mix dirt and water to make mud to cover up graffiti. I never forgot how scared I was that they would take me.”

On her next round over I asked about her parents.

“They no speak to me for 15 years. My father, he marry me off when I was 14 after he molest me. My husband, he raped me and I became pregnant. My husband, he beat me so I tried to run away. After the baby was born he took our daughter and left for Israel. I have not seen my daughter in 14 years.”

“And your parents?”

“They disowned me because they said I deserved to be alone and without my daughter because I was wrong to try to leave my husband. My siblings do not talk to me either because they did not want to be left out of the will when my parents die. I lost my whole family.”

She bustled away and I swallowed a lump in my throat. Tears blurred my eyes as I stared down at my yogurt and pita. I thought of all the times I have felt sorry for myself over the past year and guilt settled on my heart like a tangible oppression. My problems are so incredibly irrelevant and miniscule. Mostly the stress at this point in my life revolve around work. Without getting into particulars, I had settled into a slight depression over my job until a recent week in Hawaii brought me to my senses and made me realize I had lost months of my life consumed with constant worry and anguish about something I have no control over.

Zivah made me feel ashamed. Ashamed that I take so much for granted. Ashamed that I am not more thankful for the many blessings in my life. Ashamed that I have let time slip by- time that could have been spent in loving and caring for others instead of concentrating on myself and my worries about the future.

The next time Zivah came by I asked her, “But you are happy now, yes? You seem happy and at peace.”

She held her arms out to me and I saw scars up and down all over them. “I am working on it. I do not cut myself anymore.”

Trying to smother the sadness I felt for her, I smiled and said encouragingly, “That’s good!”

She smiled back. “Yes, I know difference between right and wrong. I am Muslim and I see the males when they beat their women; I don’t put up with that. They not supposed to eat beef, but they not supposed to drink either. But they drink all the time. I see. I see them drunk on Hennessy. They tell me, ‘America has changed you!’, and I say, ‘No, not America! I am smart- I see with my own eyes what is right and wrong’.”

I looked at her closely and realized she could so easily be a bridge to understanding. Here was a young lady who was both American and Muslim. And she so beautifully represented two completely different cultures that the intertwined result was both immensely intelligent and captivating. Admiration shone from my eyes.

“What is your name?” she asked me.

I held out my hand, “Michelle. It’s such a pleasure to know you.”

We shook hands and she was off again, tending to other customers. Next time she came by she refilled my coffee and told me a little bit about her friends’ son, who is three years old.

“Three? That’s such a cute age,” I told her.

“And he smart- so smart,” she said, obviously proud.

I nodded.

“We in California one time and I took him to aquarium. I had just smoked- how you say?- weed, and I was a little off. We walk by big water area and I pointed and told him, ‘Whale.’ He said, ‘No, Zivah, dolphin’. I was so embarrassed, but he was right.”

I laughed and was completely at ease with her honesty about everything.

A little bit later, I stood up to leave, full and relaxed. Zivah saw me across the restaurant and made a beeline for me, arms outstretched. I reached out to her as well and we hugged.

“You come back, Michelle?” she asked and I promised I would.

It’s not often you meet someone who makes you take an inside look at yourself. Never once did Zivah call me selfish or self-centered. Never once did she make reference to my protected, safe upbringing. But I saw it all. In brilliant color. I see the cracks in my personality, the chinks in the wall I have built around certain parts of my life. And I know. I know I am blessed beyond measure.

Life is not meant to be lived to its fullest. Life is meant to be lived for others. If we do not serve and care for our fellow humans- no matter their race, nationality or culture- we cease to live to our full potential.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~Mother Teresa

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Yahoo Answers Silent Jihad Fails

Thank you for taking the time to submit an appeal. Upon review, we found the following answer was not in violation of the Answers Community Guidelines:

“Of course! All who worship the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ, will do all for Him, including defending Him against the slander that He was a mere prophet. Jesus, the Son of God, ended the time of prophets. No more prophets were sent because Jesus fulfilled all the prophets when He came.”

The Yahoo! Answers Team regrets that your answer was wrongfully reported by the Answers community. Your answer has been reposted to Yahoo! Answers, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As a result of your appeal, the people who reported your answer will have less influence when reporting abuse in the future.

Yahoo! Answers Team

UPDATE: 1:30am EST Monday 6/20/2011

Moments after I’d posted an answer, a Silent/Stealth Islamic Jihadist reported the posting and it was taken down. I appealed and won. Now, the person who asked the question has chosen my answer as the best answer (which it was).


Resolved Question

Would you be willing to disobey your parents and risk death/dishonor in order to obey the prophet Jesus PBUH?
Peace Be Upon Him

Additional Details
Jesus peace be upon him is a Muslim prophet according to Muslims. This question is an Islamic question and properly fits into Islamic questions.

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Of course! All who worship the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ, will do all for Him, including defending Him against the slander that He was a mere prophet. Jesus, the Son of God, ended the time of prophets. No more prophets were sent because Jesus fulfilled all the prophets when He came.

1 day ago

Asker’s Rating: *****

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