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Romney only chance to defeat Obummer

The only really chance of defeating Obummer is Romney. Any other presently announced Republican means the general voting public will again be Pied Pipered into surrendering the USA to several forces whose aim is our destruction as the last front of freedom and democracy. The general voting public in any match up will vote Obummer and be complicit in the surrendering of America to the global Islamic Jihad to establish a world wide Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law, the destruction of the border with Drug Cartel controlled Mexico (which are receiving training in our destruction from Hezbollah right on the border in places like Nuevo Larado) and the implementation of socialism such as Obamacare and the new Executive Branch Controlled “medical” army and its internment camps. Vote for Obummer and shred what is left of the Constitution and play taps for freedom and for America. Romney may be less than the perfect choice, but he IS the only good choice.


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