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Muslims the Lamb of God already was offered for your sins

Muslims, the Lamb of God already was offered for your sins!

The Muslim `Eid Al-Adha begins this Sunday at sunset and ends at sunset of Monday. It is the closest thing to Redemption in Islam, however, asserting Islam’s rejection of the Lamb of God offered once-for-all for the sins of mankind. Known as the Feast or Festival of Sacrifice, it is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate (Qur’an 2:196) the supposed willingness of Abraham (Arabic, Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Arabic, Isma`il) in obedience to Allah. It is believed by Muslims that the Muslim Allah provided him with a cow instead.

In this `Eid, Muslims offer an animal sacrifice (sheep, ram, goat, camel, cow or buffalo) accounting for more than 100 million animals slaughtered in two days. We call upon Muslims to abandon this ritual and to come to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lamb of God already slain for the sins of mankind. He said, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). Sign and pray this prayer sincerely and earnestly:

Lord Jesus Christ,
I declare to You my personal rejection of Islam, its deity, its prophet, its Qur’ān and its immorality. I thank You for coming to earth and dying for my personal salvation. I sincerely confess to You my lost sinful condition, which calls for Your righteous judgment upon me. Often I have disobeyed Your Precious Word and frequently I have broken Your Perfect Laws. Helplessly, I am deeply enslaved to sin. Therefore, I know that I deserve Your just condemnation of me to everlasting punishment in the Lake of Fire. However, now and in this place, I come to You accepting Your death and resurrection on my behalf and for my benefit, as my own Substitute. I ask You, as You have promised in Your Infallible Word, to become my personal Savior and Lord of my lifestyle. I ask You to turn me away from my life of sin, enabling me to make generous restitution to all against whom I have sinned, forgiving all my sins, making me a new creature in Christ, giving me the new birth into the Family of God, and granting me eternal life. I also ask You to help me from now on to live the Christian life pleasing to You. I thank You for answering this my sincere and earnest prayer, by saving me at this moment and in this place. Amen.

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Your friend, praying for your salvation


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