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False Claims of Victory by generalthc

It is rather amusing when someone claims a “victory” because another will not or can not meet that person’s time line. Enjoy the hollow and false victory. Such a diminished self view that it needs to be bolstered by this kind of “victory” is regrettable. The bravado that bolsters an individual’s ego is obviously on display. And attempting to post your “rant” or comment repeatedly across my many posts demonstrates a deep desire for my approval for reasons I can not imagine. Yes, I deleted the 20+ attempts to post these comments without once responding to them. SO? You may have time to do so, but some of us have real lives, real commitments that preclude jumping through hoops that an individual “such as yourself” (read into that what you will) wish to impose on others without invitation.

Oh, and I concede nothing. I did not even bother reading your comment that I deleted over 20 times. Thus, I can not say that there is anything worthy or not of my limited time for which I could have chosen to respond. But, as you think so little of yourself that you outwardly portray an oversized positive opinion to convince others of your superiority, I decline to assist you in this. Please seek professional counseling for these issues of low self worth and possible anti-social personality disorder.


PS. The extra publicity for my blog is appreciated.

11/26/11 UPDATE:  In response to this posting, our poor deluded friend has made additional postings.  While I do appreciate the extra traffic to my blog, I stand by my heart felt recommendation to seek professional psychiatric help.  And, a very minor point, I 100% state as a fact that you gave a time limit as you posted that I could not answer your posting in the time given before you posted “victory”.  I do congratulate you for being able to use a search engine to come up with the term “projection”.  Nicely attempted as a deflection from your insecurities.  As for calling me names, that, sir, is simply childish.  But, please keep your postings coming as your rants toward me neither matter to me, nor are in the least bit convincing as ego bolstering for you.  If you find it cathartic to do so, please do so.  In addition, I decline to respond to your original multi-posting simply because I can and if I choose to do, may or may not refute any points you may or may have not made.  You see, I don’t need your approval or disapproval, and thus can dismiss your postings without any additional thoughts regarding them.  As there is no contradictions in the Holy Word of God, I merely state this and it is fact without wasting the time to prove it to you or the few people who read your blog and then visit mine from yours. No one, in 2000 years has ever proven the error free Holy Bible to even one contradiction or error, and you did not either.  Though, I’m sure that which ever website or other source you copied you list from says different.  That you fail to understand the Holy Bible or parts of it, or even a single verse is nothing to be ashamed of.  Great minds have spent a life time studying the Holy Word of God and still can not know and understand it all.  Be at peace my friend and know that the One True God and His Son Jesus will reveal to you His understanding as you diligently and sincerely search His words.


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