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Not Politically Correct But Still Correct Thing To Do

No PC crap.

When my oldest son was in 3rd grade an Amazon 6th grade GIRL kept literally beating him up and he refused to fight back because I had taught him never hit a girl or ever start a fight. (He actually listened which is another story.)

No intervention with the bus driver, the school, or the girl’s parents did any good and she continued to have free rein of terror.

Finally, I told him to do the ONLY thing that would make the abuse stop. I told him to get on the bus in the morning, walk right up to where she sat and sucker punch her in the face the hardest that he could and I’d be at the school waiting to deal with the consequences. I really had to convince him that he should actually do this and to actually hit her as hard as he could (he was a scrawny weakly back then, another story).

Of course, the reaction was immediate. The principal and the girl’s parents completely acted as if my son was the offender and that all the previous MANY conversations regarding her abuse had never happened.

Their reaction was shock when I emphatically told them he was acting directly under my orders and that it was not only the ONLY way she was going to stop, but that he was instructed to do it again if she even spoke badly to him.

The conversation with her dad went really well when I told a guy 6 inches taller and looking like a body builder that if he continued to threaten me, that his daughter wouldn’t be the only one to get her ass kicked.

Long story short, she got the message and the abuse immediately stopped.

– And, the fact that it HAD to come to that is simply because it was never the girls fault.

Today, children’s services would be “investigating” me, I’d face some kind of criminal charge such as contributing to the corruption of a minor or some other nonsense, and they’d charge him with assault, sexual harassment and what ever they have now.



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Critique of pure Islam

This post made by a friend on facebook is 100% correct. I couldn’t have said it better! Thus, I am sharing it with the world.

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