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Objections to the Trinity answered

Objections to the Trinity answered.

*The Word Trinity is not in the Bible.

Just because the word “trinity” is not in the Bible doesn’t mean that the concept is not taught. The word “monotheism” is not in the Bible, yet the Bible teaches it (Isaiah 43:10; 44:6,8). Therefore, your criticism is invalid.

*The Trinity is illogical

What law of logic is it that the doctrine of the Trinity violates? If you cannot tell me, then your statement is meaningless. Saying it is illogical does not mean it is.

*The Trinity came from pagan trinities.

There are no trinities in pagan theology. There are triads (three gods), but no trinities (one God in three persons). Therefore, your statement is inaccurate.

*The Bible does not say that God is three who’s and one what

That is correct. But the Trinity is a doctrine arrived at systematically (by looking at the whole of scripture), not by looking at a single verse. Therefore, your complaint is misdirected and shows you don’t understand the Trinity.

*Show me one verse in the Bible that says that God is three persons.

The Trinity doctrine is arrived at systematically (by looking at the whole of scripture), not by looking at a single verse. Therefore, you won’t see a single verse that says it. Also, this demonstrates that you don’t understand the Trinity, otherwise you would not have asked that question.

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  1. I have an entire blog entry called, ‘The “Trinity” Is A False Doctrine, the Godhead Consisting Of The Father And The Son, The “Holy Spirit” Not Being A Person,” But Is The Ruach Ha Kodesh “Of” Elohim,’ that discusses why and who made up the “trinity” teaching that NO EARLY CHURCH LEADERS EVER EVEN MENTIONED. In conclusion, the Great Whore is the Vatican and her offspring are the Lutherans and the like-minded thereof and the Calvinists, whom you can spot because they tell you loud and clear to your face that they do NOT fear their Creator, since everything is basically already been taken care of, anyway. Truth wins in the end EVERY time over repeated lies over the centuries. Which path will you choose? Thanks for listening, 777denny

    Comment by Denny | December 10, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m posting your comment even though I have not yet had a chance to review your blog entry. Nevertheless, I have additional information that explains the trinity that I will be posting, but have yet to do so. I look forward to reading your entry and responding as appropriate.


      Comment by Paul Marcel-Rene | December 10, 2011 | Reply

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