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War on Terror

  • Muhammad Ali Arceno I wonder why al-qaeda did not help the Palestinians in their strugle against evil zionists….not a single Israeeli soldier killed or bombed by al-qaeda. What they had bomb are innocent civilians both muslims and chrstians but no jews….Is it true that al-qaeda is actually made by CIA and Israeli to destroy the image of Islam? what do you think?

  • AlQaeeda was made by CIA and and ISI during the war with russia coz america wanted to take the title of world power , they supported them and it is not a secret thing but now when the Alqaeeda became islamic and was trying to create an islamic nation then they attacked them and get all the oil …. Master OfUniverse the purpose ? what is the purpose of jews killing the palestine people , why the americans are killing the muslims in Afganistan and Pakistan , what is the purpose of indians behind killing the kashmiris
  • I really don’t know what to believe about this, there are so many conspiracy theories, but one thing for sure is that the World is definitely being manipulated and people are hating one another without reason. The Bible says that “we all know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one” (1 John 5:19). This means that Satan and his hoards are the ones pulling the strings and causing all the chaos.
  • Master OfUniverse:   ‎Muhammad Usama – to address your rhetorical questions addressed to me:
    1. Pure nonsense that the CIA and/or ISI made up Al-Qaeeda. Al-Qaeeda was formed as a more fundamental islamic group as off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Though, yes, they did get some funding in the beginning to help the rebellion against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The founding was stopped when they proved to be nothing more than islamic jihadist terrorists.
    2. There has never been a war anytime in history in which the US attacked any nation for their natural resources including oil.
    3. There is no purpose “jews killing the palestine people” because the statement is both biased and completely prejudicial. The correct question is, why has the nation of Israel been under direct physical and psychological attack since day one of its official modern incarnation by the surrounding muslim majoriity nations, including, but not limited to, the wars and unprovoked attacks such as the “Six-day War”. Why do “palestinian terrorists” attack innocent Israelis daily with bombs, missiles, rocks, and/or any other violent means forcing the IDF to respond in kind and in defense…. which leads to even more innocent non-combatant deaths and injuries on BOTH sides.
    4. Americans are not “killing the muslims in Afganistan and Pakistan”. The combat forces in both nations are fighting the islamic jihadist and taliban terrorists.
    But, as in all wars, accidental injury does occur to civil populations that these terrorists hide amongst. Muhammad Usama, thank you for asking these questions so a truthful and accurate answer could be provided.

    Mujahideen crossing in from Pakistan border, Afghanistan 1985

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