Thoughts and Truth from the Impossible Life

Web Resources On Islam

Web URLs

About Islam and Muslims

Answering Islam

Answers to Islam, A Christian Response to Islamic Apologetics

The Apostate – Relinquishing the Faith

Art History Resources: Part 4 Art of the Middle Ages (Islamic)

Background of Islam

Bible and Quran

Capricious Revelation of the Qur’an

Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

Christian Web Pages Interacting With Islam

Critical Analysis of Islam

The Crucifixion: A Matter of the chain-of-custody

The Dark Side of Islam

Dictionary of Christian Answers to Muslim Questions

Discrimination Between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim

Does Islam Promote Peace?

An Explanation of the Trinity for Muslims, by Gerry Redman

Exposition of the Trinity for Muslim Readers

Historical Errors of the Qur’an

The Holy Qur’an (University of Maryland)

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook (Primary Sources)

Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Islam

Is the Creedal Doctrine of the Trinity Biblical? by Bob Passantino

‘Isa, the Muslim Jesus. By Dr. Mark Durie

Islam 101 (An educational site on Islam)

ISLAM: An Overview: Resources for Christians

Islam and Christianity: A Comparison

Islam and Muslims – Research Resources

Islam and the Global Muslim eCommunity

Islam, by Parveen Singh

Islam (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)

Islam & Christianity: Approaches and Difficulties

Islam Chronology

Islam Examined

Islam Guide: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran

Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Religion: Resources for Studying Islam

The Islam Page

Islam Page – Islam, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad, Salvation, Jesus

Islam Religion Articles (List of Links)

Islam’s Worldwide Revival (Part One in a series on Islam from Forward Magazine), by Joseph P. Gudel. 14p. Christian perspective.

Islam: The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth! Learn About Islam

Islam, the Trinity, Quran and the Bible: A Dialogue With a Muslim

Islam: The Way, The Truth, and the Light? Islamic Studies in Christian Perspective

The Islamic Agenda And Its Blueprints

Islamic Information and Resources Website

Islamic Studies Internet Curricular Resources (Carolina-Duke-Emory Institute for the Study of Islam)

Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion

Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage

The Islamic World to 1600

IslamiCity-Education (Islamic History)

The Koran (University of Virginia)

McCurry, Don. “Witnessing to Muslims,” Parts I-III.

Medieval Sourcebook: Islam

Middle East Studies Internet Resources

Muhammadanism – Trinity (A Christian web site)

Muslim or Islamic Tradition Web Sites

Muslims, Islam, and Iraq

Offensive War to Spread Islam

The Problem of Islamic Salvation

Quotes From the Qur’an and Hadith on War, Violence, Infidels, Unbelievers

Qur’anic Language and Grammatical Mistakes

The Quran

Religious Movements Homepage: Islam

A Short Summary of Islamic Beliefs

Slavery in Islam

Sources for Books and Audio/Video Material Dealing With Islamic Studies

Sufis: The Mystical Muslims (Part Three in a series on Islam from Forward Magazine), by Elliot Miller. 15p. Christian perspective.

To Every Muslim an Answer (Part Two in a series on Islam from Forward Magazine), by Joseph P. Gudel. 14p. Christian perspective.

The Trinity, by Francis J. Beckwith

Understanding Islam

The Veil of Divine Inspiration of the Qur’an

The Veil of Equality and Justice

View Islam

What is Islam? by Rick Rood

What Is the Real Islam?

Witnessing Tips: Witnessing to Muslims (Parts 1-3) 6p.

World Religions Index: Islam

WWW-VL History Index – Islam


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