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Rochdale Demonstration – 9th June


Since it was revealed that a gang of Rochdale men were abusing young girls there has been much talk in the media about the fact that ‘Asian’ men account for the vast majority of people convicted for similar crimes.


But whilst there certainly is a particular problem within the British Pakistani community, it has less to do with race and more to do with religion.


Last year the Daily Mail reported that since 1997 56 men had been found guilty of rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child. Of those, 50 were Muslim.


The judge who sentenced the Rochdale gang said that “…one of the factors [affecting the defendants’ choice of victims] …was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”


But why did these Muslim men show such hostility to their non-Muslim victims?


Perhaps they listened to the Islamic extremists and hate preachers who claim that non-Muslims are worth less than Muslims and women less than men. Or perhaps they looked to the personal example of Islam’s prophet Mohammed, who wed a girl of six and slept with her when she was only nine.


Despite this clear evidence of a possible link to Islamic teaching, the authorities are terrified of admitting that there might be a link between Islam and these crimes. So instead they focus on the offenders’ race or culture. Even when they do speak about Pakistani culture, they ignore the role that Islam has played in shaping that culture.

We simply believe that Islam should not be whitewashed from the picture.


The government’s approach to Islamic extremism is too often to pretend that is either non-existent or that it is something else. But we should not refuse to combat any forms of extremism just because politicians think it ‘too sensitive’.


When the police or civil servants bow to this type of political correctness they are letting down the victims of these horrific crimes.


That’s why we will be holding a peaceful protest in Rochdale on 9th June. We cannot expect to be able to expose these criminals and protect our communities if we aren’t even willing to call them what they are – Muslim grooming gangs.


English Defence League




United States Defense League Muslim Child-Rape Gang Busted In The USA



Fatwa On Islam

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