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Everyone Knows America equals Freedom and Equality

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Proof that even when someone has the wrong conclusion, they can acknowledge the truth that America was founded on and continues to be the greatest nation on earth. (The rest of the essay is incorrect assumptions and is therefore not included are worth reading in this post.)


by Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal




After the decline and fall of the British Empire, America became the guiding light to the nations of the world as the supreme example of democracy in action, with social justice, and equality before the law. America was a land of opportunity for all ( save for the significant minority of ex-slaves deprived of basic human rights). America thus became a magnet for those seeking political asylum, entrepreneurial opportunities, or just a better life. This concept developed at America’s inception when George Washington made the solemn pledge in 1790 to the fledgling Jewish community, ’To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance’.


Undoubtedly the sustained efforts of many visionaries over our history culminated in the ‘American dream’ which envisages inclusiveness, fairness, justice and hope — not just for America, but with America’s ascendancy — for the rest of the world.


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