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‘Sharia Harassment’ Plagues Egyptian Women

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In Egypt, real Islam is coming to town. The Muslim Brotherhood wants Sharia, the Salafis as well.  Most of the non-military political power is concentrated between those two groups of Sharia salesmen. Sharia hell is on its way to Egypt – and that means nothing but horrors and oppression.

Women, Egyptians of minority religions, and even the truly moderate individuals who call themselves Muslms (faux-Muslims) are already being made miserable.  Unfortunately, this will only get worse as the Islamists acquire more and more power. 

It’s really sickening that lunatics from Obummer on down keep congratulating the MB. They are sanctioning the theocratic state that is being constructed on the ashes of the so-called Arab Spring. I can only hope someday they are held accountable and forced to wear the shame of what they are cheering into existence. 

(Al-Monitor) – Several areas in Egypt are currently witnessing a rise in the phenomenon some are calling “Sharia harassment.” Veiled women, and often men as well, intimidate unveiled women and girls for not wearing clothing in line with the rules of Sharia law.

El-Badil newspaper quoted women and girls who confirmed that they had been harassed and intimidated after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi won the presidential elections. Yesterday [July 3], 100 human rights organizations and a number of parties and public figures expressed their deep concern over these acts of intimidation and accompanying verbal violence. They called these actions not only a transgression against women, but also an attack on Egyptian society as a whole.


The newspaper monitored the areas of Saida Zeinab, Saad Zaghloul and Nasiriyah, interviewing veiled and unveiled women. The newspaper pointed out that veiled women are criticizing other women and young girls for their clothing. Statements such as: “You will end up at home,” “Here’s someone who can make you wear the veil” and “Forget about pants, get ready for the veil,” are common expressions being used against the non-veiled. These girls are also subject to insults and verbal abuse.

Aya Mohammed, a housewife, said that she has heard veiled women tell girls on the metro, “We’ll see if Morsi will let you wear pants again.” For her part, Rania Sayed, a student living in Heliopolis, said that a man intercepted her as she was traveling to Mansoura to see her parents. “Get ready to wear the niqab. You better pay attention to the street before you are forced to stay at home,” he said. Nibal Naji, a pharmacist, said that women are most often exposed to harassment in working-class areas.


El-Badil wrote, “It does not matter whether the harassment against women is being perpetrated by remnants of the old regime to spread fear about the rule of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, or being perpetrated by people ecstatic over the Islamist victory. Nor does it matter if it is the product of social hypocrites trying to terrorize the weaker party, which in this case is women. The threats, attacks and intimidation against women must stop.”


The situation seems to be spinning out of control. Violence broke out in Suez on July 3, where a young man was killed at the hands of bearded men dressed in Pakistani-style clothing riding a motorcycle. As they approached the man and his fiancee, they accused the girl of standing too close to him.


Another altercation took place on July 3 between three girls and Islamists in front of a juice shop in Paradise Street in Suez, when the bearded men objected to the girls’ clothing.


In an article entitled “The Turkish veil and Iranian chador chasing Egypt’s Women,” author Ghada Maher, who is a member of the Al-Wafd party, recalls a speech by late president Gamal Abdel Nasser. In this speech, he recounts the details of his dialogue with former Brotherhood leader Hassan al-Hudaibi in 1953 about the imposition of the veil. Abdel Nasser said that Hudaibi told him, “As ruler in charge, you have to impose the veil.” Abdel Nasser replied, “I know that your daughter is in medical school and she does not wear a veil. If you cannot impose the veil on your daughter, then how do you want me to impose it on ten million Egyptian women?”

According to Maher, this dialogue reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood deems the imposition of the veil a sacred task that must be carried out by Egypt’s ruler. She added: “Despite the announcements made by [President Morsi] in his advertising campaigns and during television programs about not having intentions to impose a particular type of clothing on women, the Muslim Brotherhood’s history raises many fears and concerns … All women who belong to the Brotherhood in Egypt wear the veil or the niqab, and often offer advice or encourage others to wear the veil as well, regardless of whether or not they know them.”



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