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Love for Mankind

To answer your questions:  To love one another does not mean to allow another to be cast into everlasting darkness with out doing everything in my power to bring them to the only way to eternal life and salvation, and that is through Jesus, the Son of God. We love everyone and due to this love we must share that there is NO other way to paradise. All roads lead to damnation except through Jesus. Educating others on what is false, which is anything that denies the Son of God Jesus, is my duty to God. Failure to do everything within my ability to do this is failure to honor God. How can I not honor and obey God? You state that I post lies about islam, that I do not know islam because I am not an islamic muslim. I counter propose that I do know islam and that is why I am not an islamic muslim. If nothing else, I know and you will agree because this is 100% true, that islam denies the Son of God Jesus being divine and God in the flesh. This one fact, regardless of anything else islam is or is not makes it not of God. There is no grey areas in this. The allah of islam said not to claim Jesus as the Son of God in the qu’ran. Thus the allah of islam is not the One True God of the Holy Bible, and of Abraham, and all the prophets before the Son of God Jesus came. The islamic allah is not the Christian / Jewish God. And, God has told us all to tell everyone this, – Galatians 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! 2 Corinthians 11:15. Since Satan himself is capable of appearing to be an angel of light, it is not to be deemed strange that those who are in his service also should resemble him.

For Satan himself is transformed … – That is, he who is an apostate angel; who is malignant and wicked; who is the prince of evil, assumes the appearance of a holy angel. Paul assumes this as an indisputable and admitted truth, without attempting to prove it, and without referring to any particular instances. Probably he had in his eye cases where Satan put on false and delusive appearances for the purpose of deceiving, or where he assumed the appearance of great sanctity and reverence for the authority of God. Such instances occurred in the temptation of our first parents Genesis 3:1-6, and in the temptation of the Saviour, Matthew 4. The phrase “an angel of light,” means a pure and holy angel, light being the emblem of purity and holiness. Such are all the angels that dwell in heaven; and the idea is, that Satan assumes such a form as to appear to be such an angel. Learn here:

(1) His power. He can assume such an aspect as he pleases. He can dissemble and appear to be eminently pious. He is the prince of duplicity as well as of wickedness; and it is the consummation of bad power for an individual to be able to assume any character which he pleases.

(2) his art. he is long practiced in deceitful arts. For six thousand years he has been practicing the art of delusion. And with him it is perfect.

(3) we are not to sup pose that all that appears to be piety is piety. Some of the most plausible appearances of piety are assumed by Satan and his ministers. None ever professed a profounder regard for the authority of God than Satan did when he tempted the Saviour. And if the prince of wickedness can appear to be an angel of light, we are not to be surprised if those who have the blackest hearts appear to be people of most eminent piety.

(4) we should be on our guard. We should not listen to suggestions merely because they appear to come from a pious man, nor because they seem to be prompted by a regard to the will of God. We may be always sure that, if we are to be tempted, it will be by some one having a great appearance of virtue and religion.

(5) we are not to expect that Satan will appear to man to be as bad as he is. He never shows himself openly to be a spirit of pure wickedness; or black and abominable in his character; or full of evil and hateful. He would thus defeat himself. It is for this reason that wicked people do not believe that there is such a being as Satan. Though continually under his influence and “led captive by him at his will,” yet they neither see him nor the chains which lead them, nor are they willing to believe in the existence of the one or the other.


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