Thoughts and Truth from the Impossible Life


BY – Habib Jamil Khoury



ALLAH (of Islam): a misnomer given by Muhammad and his wife Khadijah to a demonic entity dubbed as the Creator of the world (the Christian Arabic Allah). The Qur’ān depicts its Allah as an evil, corrupt and moody god. He is utterly unreliable, hateful and never trustworthy. There is a striking resemblance between the Muslim Allah and the pagan gods of Muhammad’s seventh-century days. It is said that Allah frequently talked to Muhammad via his angel Jibril, an angel name never found in the Bible. Muhammad worshiped Allah as the singular Supreme Being that gave him his revelations, and called upon his followers to follow suit. “The oneness of Allah in Islam is the eye of the needle through which all other opinions and attitudes of God must pass.” This unity should not be confused with the union of equivalent pagan deities of Ancient Arabia. Allah is believed to be a single eternal person living in solitude; he never enjoyed self-giving love in a perfect eternal society. All other gods, including the God of the Bible, are nothing; and, in the eyes of a Muslim, whoever acknowledges the existence of other god(s) besides the Allah of the Qur’an is a blasphemer. The Muslim Allah is said to be full of hate and murder, to lead people astray, to cause and to participate in corruption, to license virtually every form of immorality, and to forbid people from believing in him; yet he throws them in hell for not believing in him. He declared himself “the greatest of deceivers.” Therefore, some scholars see striking similarities between the corrupt nature of the Allah of the Qur’ān and the evil nature of the Satan of the Bible, and some have concluded that the two are one and the same. I agree.

The real choice, indeed, is between serving Satan (the Allah of the Qur’an) and serving the Creator (the God of the Bible). Satan has invented all the evil in the world, including immoral Islam. The Lord God has created all that is good and righteous, including Biblical Christianity. Satan and his followers are the eternal losers, which eventually will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. God and His followers are the eternal winners through Jesus Christ our Lord!!!!
The God of the Bible, however, desires that all people of all backgrounds would come to the Lord Jesus for the salvation of their souls. You must come to Him of your own volition, without any form of coercion or compulsion.


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