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Raped, pregnant and ordeal not over and approved by Sharia

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In a rape case it is the victim, not the defendant, who is on trial. But blaming myself was neither my idea nor my first inclination. I thought such 17th-century notions were long dead. I was wrong. People who did not even know me were quick to comment or speculate on my rape. What were you wearing? Did you scream loudly? Did this occur in public?

It would not be long before I would learn firsthand that in the vast majority of states — 31 — men who father through rape are able to assert the same custody and visitation rights to their children that other fathers enjoy. When no law prohibits a rapist from exercising these rights, a woman may feel forced to bargain away her legal rights to a criminal trial in exchange for the rapist dropping the bid to have access to her child.


I know it because I lived it. I went to law school to learn how to stop it.



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According to Sharia, the man has all claims to the children regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy. As muslim men are allowed to rape non-muslim women and are ordered to engage in “baby jihad”, it seems that these states without protection for the victim and the child are ripe targets for creeping sharia in America.

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Facebook discussion of Being Unequally Yoked and Universalism

Mike Ghouse


Dallas, Texas – Not only are two special people being joined together, so are two spiritual traditions, as well. Out of different spiritual paths, they have come together to learn the best of what each has to offer, appreciating their differences, and confirming their love. So this is not only a joyous occasion, but a holy one, as well. May they see that their love for each other is truly a gift from God.

Paul Marcel-Rene Wow, this union in this manner is so wrong so many ways, I don’t know where to start. First, no Christian should be unequally yoked to a non-believer of the Son of God Jesus. Second, no muslim has the authority to marry anyone in the sight of God as they do not worship the same God of the Universe as do Christians and Jews. God will not recognize the marriage and its union is fornication.
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Mike Ghouse

Paul, my friend, you did not ask questions to find what it is, instead you chose to pass judgments. Everyone on the earth can invoke God, it is the same God no matter what name you call it. The marriage is between two people with god as witness. God does not say different things to different people, we make that mistake.God is same, message is same – rituals differ.

Paul Marcel-Rene

What question shall I ask? I did not pass judgment, but rather simple stated fact as given in the article. You are correct, there is Only ONE God and His Son Jesus to whom all can invoke regardless of the name chosen. This does not make …See More

Fazal Shere

mike are you seriously going to debate with this guy?

Mike Ghouse

Paul, thanks for sharing your point of view.

For a political christian god is his private property, for a political muslim god is his to have, for a political Jew, god exclusively showers on him. However for a spiritual Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or other God is indivisible and every one is a part of him, and he is a part of everyone.

We have a choice to bottle up Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, and other souls or let them belong to whole humanity, my choice is UN-chain them and have them belong to all. Since God is free from our nets, so are theses souls.

I’ll be happy to learn and share, provided we free god and these souls from our cells. I hope you see another point of view.

Fazal Shere

i am not sure whether there is a God or not but if there is he/she cannot be this sublime creator and yet ridiculously parochial…

Paul Marcel-Rene

Of course God is not parochial. Let me attempt to frame this in an example. A single man has children. Now, the children are his by most human standards (there are exceptions, but that is a different subject). Now lets say the neighbors on either side claim the children as their own. Does the father share the children? Do the children now belong to the neighbors as well since they claimed them? Let us give names to these people as example of course. Lets call the single father God of the Holy Bible. Lets call the neighbor to the left allah, who is has been trying to get God’s job as well. Lets call the neighbor to the right Vishnu. I maintain, with the creator God of all things, that the children (the whole human race) remain God’s (the Christian and Jewish God), and not the allah of islam, not vishnu of Hinduism, or of any other “neighbor” down the street.

Paul Marcel-Rene

Now, Mike Ghouse, let me address your comment. There is no distinction between any person in regards to the divine nature God has given each individual. But, the indwelling of the spirit of God, happens only from those who fully accept Him and His Son Jesus. Being “spiritual” is a man’s way of responding to the divine nature God gave all, but spirituality without full knowledge of God and His Holy Word found only in the Holy Bible, does not free mankind, but rather enslaves him to the limits of the human condition without the means to be given eternal life in paradise once he sheds this mortal coil.

As for “bottling up” the list of individuals, I will need first to explain that God intended only the Prophet of God Moses and the Son of God Jesus to be for all mankind. Though, acknowledge that Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha was a very wise man whose teachings were helpful at that time in that place. Krishna is an invention of man to explain that which they had no explanation and thus stands out in the list of individuals. And then mohammad, who founded a political system with a heavy religious bent from half remember Christian, Jewish, and local paganism who’s major tenet is denial of the Son of God Jesus.


2 Corinthians 6:14
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
His Only-begotten Son and the Word of God 1885...

His Only-begotten Son and the Word of God 1885-1896

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