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Muhammad got 750 Jewish men slaughtered in Medina in 627 A.D

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Muhammad’s men murdered 750 Jews in the marketplace in Medina, and heaped them into a common grave. The leaders of Iran, Hamas and Hizb”Allah claims to be His true successor.

This is information made available from the Hudson Institute, a major Jewish think tank in New York.

In 627, Muhammad besieged the last Jewish tribe in Medina. Their powerful non-Muslim ally had by that time died; the Jews had no one to protect them. The Jews then sent a messenger to Muhammad and expressed their willingness to surrender and leave the city.

Muhammad said no and told them that if they agreed to surrender, he would appoint a negotiator who would settle the issue. When the Jews agreed. the negotiator Muhammad appointed was the man who had organized the murder of the above-mentioned Ka’ab, and who passionately hated the Jews.

He decided that the Jewish men would be executed, and…

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