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Libya: State Dept Did Not Even Reply to Officer Who Requested More Security

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Clearly, the reason Obummer and crew told fairy tales about Benghazi is they made a conscious decision to keep security personnel “artificially low”. The administration made a political calculation and provided less security than was reasonable and necessary based on that calculation. Blaming a YouTube video was merely their strategy for confusing the issue and diverting attention away from what THEY had done.

Muslims may have done the killing, but the Obama administration gift wrapped Americans and handed them over to be slaughtered. The blood of every American killed in Benghazi is on Obummer’s hands.  


(Breitbart) When security officer Eric Nordstrom asked for more security in Libya in light of more than 200 security breaches from July 2011 to July 2012, he received no answer. Forty-eight of these recorded breaches took place in Benghazi.

Instead, he learned that State Dept. official Charlene Lamb wanted to keep the number of security personnel in Benghazi “artificially low,” whatever that means. The result of this was not only the death of four Americans on September 11, but the wounding of three others who were hurt so bad that one of them is still in the hospital. 

Nordstrom claims Lamb “believed the Benghazi post did not need any Diplomatic Security Special Agents because there was a residential safe haven to fall back to in an emergency.” Ambassador Stevens died in that “safe haven.”


State Dept. withdrew security team before Libya attack Obama on Libya attack & anti-Islam movie Jay Carney can’t explain heavy weapons in Lybia “protest” Washington rejected request for plane in Libya

Fatwa On Islam


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