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Roots of Bitterness: A Survey of the Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

P.T. Dolan

The explosion rattled the windows of the neighborhood shops; dark billows of smoke and fire leapt into the air out of what had just been a moving vehicle.  The car was a sedan driven by a high-ranking Hamas military official. An Israeli air strike sparked the latest offensive in the litany of military actions from both Palestinian factions and the Israeli state. In the weeks leading up to November 14, 2012, Israel received dozens of missile attacks from the Palestinian blockade, which resulted in an Israeli air assault upon military targets throughout the Gaza Strip, injuring hundreds and fatally wounding others.

Why does this conflict seem to be at an impasse? Some would argue that the antipathy felt between these groups is a fulfillment of ancient prophecy.[1] Many argue that the Arab world’s distaste for Western ideologies and democracy is the origin of the hostility. Still, others…

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