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The hypocrisy on Israel by occupying nations

News that matters

EU-leaders accuse Israel of occupying half of its own capital. While no one complain about France occupying half of St. Martin, 6715 kilometer southwest of Paris.

It might be strange to some of the readers why the United Nations do not condemn the “french settlements” on St. Martins, and demands an halt to all constructions on this island.

Because the French settlers was not the first to “occupy” this island. It was “discovered” by Chistopher Columbus in 1493 A.D, an admiral who worked for the King of Spain. Some natives were forced from their houses when the Spaniards came, and “occupied” the island.

Another problem with the “occupying power” of France, is that the southern parts of St. Martin is claimed by the Queen of Holland.  The illegal settlers have fought more than a dozen battles for the control of this island, which is a little bit longer in…

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December 16, 2012 - Posted by | Israeli-Palestinian Issues, World Affairs

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