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Terrorism in Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood is being rejected

“I doubt any U.S. media will carry this, but many Christians in Egypt are in support of the army’s crackdown ( on the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.”The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned the continued attacks on churches and Christian properties on Wednesday.Angry mobs attacked and torched tens of Christian properties including churches, monasteries, schools and shops, in a number of locations in Egypt including Alexandria, Suez, and a number of cities in Upper Egypt.In a statement, the church called on the Egyptian armed forces to help the police in maintaining security.” (source: John Kerry is out there calling the crackdown “deplorable” (, and all the usual know-nothings are propagating BS narratives as well. The fact of the matter is millions of Egyptians (including Christians: poured into the streets to give the Egyptian army a “mandate” to handle terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the army is taking care of business, and we should leave them alone to do so. Infidels everywhere on planet earth benefit from the Brotherhood taking an arse whippin’ in Egypt.”

August 14, 2013 - Posted by | Christianity / God, Islamorealism, Israeli-Palestinian Issues, Understanding Islam, World Affairs

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