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This is a satirical website. None of what you read here has anything to do with Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims never do the things they do, (because Allah does it for them, Quran 8:12) and we know that only our misperceptions, ignorance and stereotyping of Islam makes Muslims chop off heads, kill and rape women and children, bomb subways, buses, nightclubs and fly jets into buildings. If it wasn’t for the media and sites like this, we wouldn’t even know its happening.

We welcome open, honest, thoughtful, and vigorous discussion in the comments threads, so do yourself a favour and don’t accuse us of being ‘haters’ because we are loving, tolerant people. Don’t curse us, don’t threaten us with death or hellfire, and don’t accuse us of being “just like the terrorists” because we don’t do to Muslims what they do to us or to themselves. Yes, we know that only idiots oppose Islam and sensible people submit, but  you should know that we are ignorant bigots, hypocrites and Islamophobes, and we prefer to remain that way…

But since you are forcing yourselves (and your abhorrent belief-system on us) we will defend ourselves, because we must. Avoid tu quoque and ad hominem attacks. Don’t bother with circular reasoning either, we been there, done it.  If you annoy us, you will be banned and your posts summarily deleted.

Try to add to the discussion, don’t try to sell snake oil, don’t try to cover us with Islamic shrouds of kitman and taqiyya, don’t bother with da’awa, (we’ve heard it before) don’t spam us with long pieces of cut & paste, write in English, try to tell the truth, (we know that’s hard for you because you are all pathological liars) but the truth will set you free, try it!

One more thing: don’t think you can post here under multiple monikers. You will quickly be disappeared! The same goes for trufers and conspiracy kooks: you get one chance, one time.  If you must; put your stupidity on display.

But you won’t be back, trust me on that.

Take a deep breath before you post, try to make some sense, do not just vent, do not make a fool of yourself and if you prove us wrong  we will acknowledge it.


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