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Color of Robe of Jesus Explained

Jesus with a royal purple robe mocked and beaten - Michelangelo Caravaggio

One of the supposed contradictions in the Holy Bible that uneducated muslims recite ad nauseam explained: 

What was the color of the robe placed on Jesus during his trial?
MAT 27:28 scarlet

JOH 19:2 purple

The robe was dyed purple and colored scarlet:
Although we think of both purple and scarlet as colors, the Greek word translated “purple” actually refers to a type of dye.
Mark and John’s descriptions of the robe as purple are thus descriptions of the way that the robe was given its color, not of what color it was.
Matthew’s description of the robe as scarlet, on the other hand, is a description of the robe’s color.
Purple dye was used to dye garments scarlet (among other colors), so Matthew’s account is perfectly consistent with those of Mark and John.

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