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Personal Entry about medical care aversion

This is actually 99% a letter I sent to a friend who wisely counseled me to seek medical attention after I not only broke my big toe on my right foot, but when I broke it, I also half ripped the nail off so I was squirting blood at the same time.  (No, I didn’t actually seek medical attention and you’ll see this is not an unusual act below.)

Ok, I’m sure, now my readers want to know how I broke my toe.   It was really warm about 4am and I’d already closed the house up for the winter.  All the storm windows were down.  I opened the window, then the storm window.  In my delirium from not having yet been asleep (nod to Facebook for keeping me up during a work night to 4am), I forgot to put down the screen.  Moments later, my cat jumped into the window and nearly fell out.  It is a 9 foot drop!  I was so worried about my cat, I went flying off my bed to get to the window to save my cat.  My right foot got caught in the sheet and I tripped.  My toe came smashing facing straight down with 200+ pounds.  Broken toe and ripped up nail.  (PS.  The pain was terrible!  Easily the 4th worse pain I’ve EVER felt and that is a big statement when you read below.)

The letter below:

I think it is almost something hardwired into men about needing assistance, including medical.

This is minor compared to some injuries I’ve avoided medical attention. In 1999 I made an extremely poor mistake, forgetting I am NOT superman, tried to move a 3000 pound fully loaded 20 oz soda cooler with a hand dolly (alone) and dropped it on my right leg. All 3000 pounds landed handle first directly on the inside of my leg immediately above the knee. And pinned myself under it when it fell. I ruined the muscles, the internal bleeding was so bad that my whole leg turned black, and when my mom nagged me enough to go to the hospital 2 DAYS later, the bleeding was so bad that they could not operate to fix anything because I would have bled to death. All we could so is wait to see if I died or not. AND, through pain most people can only imagine, I had to continue to run my restaurant. I admit to spending a lot of time crying in anguish from the pain. I could take nothing for the pain which would thin my blood and increase the chances of death. (Aspirin is a good blood thinner which is why people take low doses to help prevent heart attacks.)

Once I lived, only by the graces of God, the doctors told me I would never walk again. I refused to accept that, just like I refused to accept I would lose the ability to properly use my right index finger after I chopped it almost complete off with a meat slicer in 1989 (but that is another story since I did DRIVE to the emergency room after I drove home 30 miles away and picked up my wife first). The muscles are still dead, crushed, but I did a lot of WORK to develop the undamaged muscles surrounding the ruined area. I’ve regained 90% for use and no one can tell at all about the injury unless I try to over do it to much. (This when I started gaining weight, from being unable to maintain the levels of activity I have always had. Though, my voracious appetite for everything, including food has never decreased to much my decreased ability to maintain my previous physical activity levels.)

Ok, that is probably more than you’d expect of the history of Paul. LOL. I talk the same; it CONSTANT streams of consciousness.


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Israel is Becoming Biggest Employer of ‘Palestinians’- Job Creation Money Stolen by PLO…

See on

As discussed on Facebook:

       Paul Marcel Rene: Are u a journalist lol? How come u start posting ur own news? This blog is run by u and what ever u post is not truth until and unless u have provided valid referances for ur work.Fake article!


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    • NAME REMOVED INTENTIONALLY  — Propoganda link in conversation deleted.
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    • Paul Marcel-Rene Actually, I reposted the article. And, because you don’t like the truth doesn’t make it fake. The article isn’t mine, but thank you for the compliment that my work is this good.
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      Paul this is not the truth though. That biggest employer nonsense is some kind of a fluff piece if it is even true at all… which I see Imran debunked and he said it’s a fake one, But it would be unfair of me not to give it a shot, huh?

      So first thing in the morning I’ll go read it too.HOWEVER: Even IF Israel started doing good things for the Palestinian people does not negate the fact that they are illegally occupying the land. It doesn’t negate the fact that they have turned Gaza into an open air prison. And it doesn’t change a thing about how most people feel about Israel after what they have done which IS a crime against humanity. :-/

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    • Paul Marcel-Rene ‎1. Yes, it is true. Israel is the biggest employer of Palestinians. Imran didn’t debunk anything. He simply stated a nonsupported statement that it was fake. 2. No one said anything negates anything, but I’m sure you’d agree that allowing Palestinians to work and support their families is a good thing? I know it doesn’t go with the false image of a heartless state that is commonly portrayed in the biased media. 3. Israel has no illegal occupations. That again is a false propoganda spread against the Israeli nation. 4. The leaders of Gaza have choosen to maintain the status quo of aggression toward Israel rather than accept peace AND an independent nation because they refuse torecognize Israel. Gaza can have peace and not be “an open air prison” whenever the people overthrow the terrorist criminal leaders who benefit is wealth from the taxes and charges for every itemmoved through the tunnels from Egypt. IE $2000 tax/fee for evey car, etc. The leaders of Gaza are growing rich, many now millionaires on the backs of the Gazaian people. 5. The is no crime against humanity. That is propoganda to keep the “war” goingfor the benefit of the Gazaian leaders pockets.

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...

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Egyptian Christian teacher arrested for insulting Islam.

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The Muslim majority in Egypt continues to suppress minority Christians. An Egyptian teacher was arrested after being accused of publishing cartoons on Facebook allegedly insulting Islam, the Prophe…

See on

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My View From Here | RedState

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AS COMMENT TO SON’S FACEBOOK POSTING As a patriotic American concerned with the future of my country, I’m less worried about the…

See on

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Facebook Adopts Sharia

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Facebook Adopts Sharia































Greetings my fellow infidels.  It is my sad duty to inform you that Facebook has adopted sharia.  A bold claim to be sure, so here is the proof.   

Obama says “respect it!”  And Facebook says “don’t criticize it!”  What is the ‘it’ in question?!  It is sharia, the legal system associated with islam, a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion. 

One of the tenets of islam is that criticism of islam, mohammed and sharia itself are prohibited. 

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Received 223 keys to new homes in Khan Younis | Facebook

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Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

See on


Historic region of Palestine

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| Best Buy Boycott | Consolidated Info & Contact List

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Don’t Buy: Boycott BEST BUY until they STOP Funding Terrorism and Global Jihad
According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Best Buy is a “Platinum Sponsor”. CAIR is a subversive Islamist group linked to Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood/global jihad, and was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror funding trial to ever be held in America . By contributing funds to CAIR, Best Buy is financing terrorism and global Jihad.

Sign the Petition Facebook Boycott Page

Public Relations Department

Phone: 612-292-news (6397)

Susan Busch, PR Director

Lisa Hawks, Deputy PR Director

Corporate Customer Care
1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289)


@BestBuy @BestBuy_Deals @GeekSquad


Best Buy Geek Squad

Fatwa On Islam

See on

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Christian and Jewish defense hadith


Next Time a Christian or Jew is attacked, especially on Facebook, quote this Hadith from the “authentic” mohammadian website


Al-Hasan رضي الله عنه narrated that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

إن المستهزئين بالناس، يفتح لأحدهم في الآخرة باب من الجنة، فيقال له: هلم هلم، فيجيء »
بكربه وغمه، فإذا جاءه أغلق دونه، ثم يفتح له باب آخر، فيقال له: هلم هلم، فيجيء بكربه
وغمه، فإذا جاءه أغلق دونه، فما يزال كذلك، حتى إن أحدهم ليفتح له باب من أبواب الجنة
.« فيقال هلم فما يأتيه من الإياس

“Verily those people that make fun of people – for them a gate of Jannah will be opened. It will be said to them: Come (and enter). That person will come with all of his anguish and depression – but when he gets close, the gate will be closed in his face. Then another gate (to Jannah) will be opened and it will be said: Come (and enter). So that person comes with all of his anguish and depression. But when he gets close, the gate will be closed in his face. This will keep happening to him until it gets to the point where it will be said to someone: Come (and enter), and he will not come out of despair from ever entering paradise.”

Al-Bayhaqi reported the hadith in his Shu’ab with an isnad, which is hasan and mursal.

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Appropriate Photos on Facebook

Photos on Facebook

All women, Muslim, Jew, Christian or other, post your picture, a real photo, modest of course, on Facebook.

All men, Muslim, Jew, Christian or other, post your picture, a real photo, modest of course, on Facebook.

The One True God and His Son Jesus, does NOT band any modest photo, picture, likeness, drawing, or other appropriate representation of yourself.

Only a sick, perverted mind, would think evil of a modest photo of anyone. In that case, it is the person thinking evil or impure thoughts who is sinning. There is NO condemnation for a modest photo. Period.

You are wonderfully made in the image of God and each individual is beautiful in His sight. “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”  Psalm 139:14, I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,…. the formation of man is not of himself, nor of his parents, but of God, and is very wonderful in all its parts.


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What Google and Facebook are Hiding

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Bed Bath and Beyond Support Israel

I have posted this to Bed, Bath & Beyond Facebook page and emailed it to their corporate office:

I formally request that Bed Bath & Beyond not give in to the insane pressure of CODEPINK to remove Ahava and SodaStream products from your stores. CODEPINK completely is wrong in the position about the Israeli issues in the Middle East and these companies provide good jobs for their employees, both Israeli and non-Israeli which provides stability to the area.

(I purposesly didn’t put Palestinian employees since there is no such people as Palestinian, but rather displaced Arabs from Jordan, Syria, etc. when they were disenfranchised from those countries of which they had previously been members. It is a recent invention to talk of Palestinian people. This identity didn’t previously exist prior to the Arab War of Aggression against Israel, also know as the Six-day War.)

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Collecting Personal Information About Facebook Comments Users Not Satire

Collecting Personal Information About “Facebook Comments” Users for Fun and Profit!

Greetings. I’ve certainly made no secret of my very negative feelings towards the new incarnation of Facebook Comments that is being rapidly adopted by many Web sites, particularly news-related sites. As I noted in New Facebook Feature Empowers the Dangerous “Comment Nazis”, I believe that this Facebook Comments system in particular is a significant threat to free speech.

However, I do want to be fair. Not everything about Facebook Comments is so bad. In fact, it appears that there’s a bundle of money to be made by using Facebook Comments for “intelligence” purposes …


April 1, 2011 – Internet Unlimited Analytics Surveillance Services (IUASS) of McLean, Virginia has announced an exciting expansion of its Internet surveillance and analysis services to include a wide range of features for surveillance exploitation and information analysis related to the “One Identity” Facebook Comments system, now being rapidly adopted as the only supported commenting system by both major and minor Web sites around the world.

Up until now, leveraging of Facebook data by law enforcement, insurance companies, and a broad variety of other enterprises — for the locating and profiling of malcontents, underage violators, insurance fraud perpetrators, and other undesirables — has been largely a manual process, often involving human observation of photos posted by Facebook users.

This all changes with the Facebook Comments system. By leveraging the fact that most Facebook users will only maintain a single identity within the Facebook ecosystem, and the new Facebook Comments requirement that all comments posted by a user at any participating site on the Internet must be publicly tagged with their Facebook identity, an enormous new range of surveillance and analysis possibilities have arrived, courtesy of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “You Only Should Have One Identity on the Internet” vision. Mr. Zuckerberg’s prescient and brilliant philosophy, by forcing most users of the Facebook Comment system to be fully identified for every comment that they post on all participating sites, regardless of topic or sensitivity, has enabled the ultimate linking of all aspects of persons’ lives — professional, personal, public, and private — into a seamless continuum ripe for deep penetration, analysis, and appropriate exploitation.

IUASS’ first new service to take advantage of the Facebook Comments surveillance potential, called FCUTO (Facebook Comments Unlimited Tracking Observer), currently offers two primary operational modes:

Target Mode – When the Facebook ID of a particular person is already known, FCUTO Target Mode will automatically search the Web to gather, analyze, and report (via fully-customizable dossiers) complete data regarding all sites and instances on the Internet (participating in the Facebook Comments system) where the target ID has posted comments. In addition to creating cross-indexed lists of sites and specific comments related to the target ID, the FCUTO service automatically determines the “Undesirability Index” (UI) for the target, based on a complex analysis of the sites visited, and the comments posted, by the target.

Insurance companies can determine if a target has commented in self-incriminating manners on sites discussing HIV/AIDS. Employers can learn if employees are making negative comments about their firm — or positive comments about competitors — and take appropriate punitive actions. Political groups can use FCUTO to verify that their members are not commenting on sites or in ways that could reflect badly on the group, or can use FCUTO to find potential gold mines of “dirty laundry” that could be used to tarnish the reputations of opponents.

Search Mode – FCUTO Search Mode is even more powerful. In Search Mode, you do not need to specify any individual target. Instead, you merely specify the topics, attributes, issues, or other parameters of interest, and FCUTO automatically creates indexed databases of all Facebook Comment user IDs that meet the required criteria anywhere on the Web. You can then use FCUTO Target Mode to build complete dossiers on specific targets of interest who were revealed via Search Mode.

For example, you might want to locate all Facebook IDs where the user has left Facebook Comments on news sites supporting liberal causes or criticizing public officials, while also commenting on sites discussing particular issues such as sexual matters, medical problems, or other data of potential value — depending on your specific target goal sets and operational methodologies.

Under normal conditions without FCUTO, it would be impractical to correlate the public and private lives of so many individuals in a useful manner, but FCUTO, through the genius of Facebook Comments, enables all of this and much more!

Of course, FCUTO includes features to correlate collected data and created dossiers with all other data posted on Facebook by targeted individuals, and to cross-reference with public record data and private commercial databases. You’ll know far more about your targets than they know about themselves!

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Mother-in-law Facebook Rant

My wife just woke me to tell me about the facebook posting her mother put on her facebook.

How warped is posting on your daughter’s facebook that she is being abused because I added a Airport Taxi Service to the services our business provides to increase income?!

I just do not understand how she can commit such despicable acts that only anger and upset her daughter, my wife!

It sat on Rachel’s profile for family and friends to see for two hours before it was discovered and removed. In the mean time, who knows how many people saw the pure hate filled rant. We know at least one of her friends from high school did because she asked her mother what was wrong.

Ugh, poor Rachel had to tell her friend that it was just her mom acting up again and that nothing is really wrong. It is so frustrating to have Rachel so upset with her mother because her mother just can not seem to behave.

This is an escalation of her mother’s inappropriate behaviors. Of course, while awaiting Rachel’s new phone to arrive (her old one simply died while she was talking on it during lunch two days ago), her mother hasn’t been able to text or call to harass her so she felt compelled to escalate to facebook.

I told Rachel she should just block her mother on facebook, but Rachel is afraid that will just set her mom off more. Of course, Rachel is right, but we both are real tired of trying not to get her mom started on her tangents. The most innocent and good things set her off into incoherent and non-reality based texting, emailing, and calling Rachel. If I remember correctly, this is the second time she has written delusional ranting comments on Rachel’s facebook.

As a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I keep forgiving her mother her trespasses as Jesus forgives mine and praying that He will restore her mother to mental stability and remove the darkness that has enveloped her with delusional hatred and vitriol toward her daughter and me.

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Free Society Discussion on Facebook

My son posted the following on his Facebook page:

Honesty: my definition of a free society, is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

My response:

Unfortunately, we are quickly and definitively becoming a non-free society because it is NOT safe to be unpopular in America. Daily, the unpopular because of religion, sexual orientation, criminal record, race or ethnic background, are assaulted, discriminated against and even murdered. I fear for our Republic as more and more we lose the rights and freedoms given by God and the US Constitution.

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