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Islam letter template to educate the teachers of your children

Teaching Our School Children About Islam
My son came home the other day upset that the Islam lite that was being taught by his fifth grade teacher was not the same as the classic Islam that I teach him about here at home. I wrote the following letter to her, expressing my concerns. The response I got was brusque, and clearly indicated that she had not read my letter in its entirety and was closed to further discussion or investigation. She definitely stated that they do not discuss Islam in school. I find this hard to believe, because ten year old kids are insatiably curious, and questions always arise about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the current conflict in Gaza. How can you not discuss these things without discussing Islam? I would cheerfully remove my child from this school if I thought I could get a better education anywhere else.

If you have concerns about the politically correct brand of Islam that is being presented to your children at school, please take the time to contact your school officials and educate them. If Islam is to be discussed at all to our children, it should be done so with full disclosure. It’s a grave disservice to the next generation to misrepresent the greatest threat to our freedoms and western values in our time.


Dear Mrs. Xxxxxxxx,
My son has been discussing with me about your 5th grade studies on Islam recently, and I am a bit dismayed by what I am hearing.

I have a friend who is a Baha’i, and several years ago we frequently discussed religion over lunch. The course of these discussions has prompted me to conduct an extensive study of Islamic history over the last year or so. I have conducted this study from a variety of sources, including the Koran and the hadiths themselves. I have corresponded with practicing Muslims from Egypt, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia, and have learned that they live in a completely different world that we do, where black is white and evil is good.

Mrs. Xxxxxxxxx, today we are facing a world war against Islam. It is absolutely essential that we understand Islam for what it really is if this conflict is to be resolved. What I have been hearing coming back through my son is a series of propaganda ploys and common mistakes that westerners make about Islam. It is critical that if you are going to teach about Islam, that you thoroughly understand it, and avoid the erroneous, politically correct misinformation that is being promulgated through the media and by our national leaders. If you take a quick inventory of all the armed conflicts around the world today, a hugely disproportionate number of them involve Muslims who cannot get along with their non-Muslim neighbors.

I’m not a racist or a radicalized islamophobe. I don’t need propaganda literature to support my positions on Islam. My position is strongly anti-Muslim, and my only necessary source of material is the Koran and the hadiths and commonly accepted Islamic histories.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not hate Muslims as such. I think that the people most victimized by Islam are the rank and file Muslims themselves. Most Muslims are good people who are forced to profess a belief in a cult religion that they little understand. They are slaves.

John 10:14 says that “I am the Good Shepherd, and my sheep know me”. I have read the Koran enough to know that the deity that Muslims worship has nothing to do with my God. I recognize the being that the Muslims worship. He is well known to Christians in word and deed, and his name is Satan.

Let me briefly discuss some common misconceptions.
1. Muslims and Jews and Christians all follow the same God. FALSE! Muslims claim this legitimacy based on a tradition of descent from Abraham. See my article concerning this fallacy. This tradition states that the Ka’aba was the house that Adam built when he was expelled from Eden, and that Abraham rebuilt it. There is no biblical or archaeological evidence that Abraham ever entered Arabia. Any similarity between Islam and Judeo-Christianity is a fabrication of Muhammad, intended to make his cult more palatable to the Jews and Christians he was trying to court into joining him.

My God does not endorse the assassination of people who speak out against him. (Ibn Ishaq 676)
My God does not permit you to rape your captive females. (Tabari IX:25)
My God did not endorse his prophets to take slaves and “marry” (read: Rape with legitimacy) them hours after publicly executing their fathers. (Quran 50-51, Ibn Ishaq 466)
My God does not share his glory with his two sister goddesses (oops, sorry, Satan dictated that part of the Quran, according to Muhammad. My bad . . . or his. . .. whatever). (Ibn Ishaq 165)
My God does not endorse 57 year old prophets to have intercourse with 9 year old brides. (Bukhari:V7B62N64)
My God did not advocate his prophet to wage a campaign of banditry from which the prophet got 20% of all the booty. (Quran 8:41, Bukhari:V1B2N50)
My God did not reverse his teachings. (Quran 2:106)
My God does not deny the immaculate conception, the divinity of Jesus or that Jesus died on the cross, let alone rose from the dead. (Quran 4:157)
My God does not teach that a woman is worth half of a man. (Quran 2:282)
My God does not require that you be killed if you leave the faith. (Quran 4:89)
My God does not consider the mindless recital of scripture in an archaic language that the penitent doesn’t even understand as prayer. (Bukhari:V2B16N108)
My God does not instruct the sons of prophets to divorce their wives so that the prophet can marry them. (Tabari VIII:1-3)
My God does not instruct his prophets to renounce the trinity. (Quran 5:73)

All of these things are documented in the Koran and hadith.

In actual fact, Islam is primarily based on the polytheistic traditions of the ancient Arabs of Mecca, with a large dose of tortured Torah and fractured New Testament, and a huge serving of self-serving pablum to cement the power of the messenger. Many passages are contradictory, most of the parallels to the Torah are just plain wrong. It’s plain that the Koran was developed by someone who had heard bible stories, but is not intimately familiar with them.

2. The conflict between the Muslims and the Jews is a recent one over land rights in Israel. FALSE. This is only correct in that the conflict is over land rights. Remember that Mohammed drove out three of the Jewish tribes that had originally welcomed him in Medina, and put the fourth one to the sword, butchering all the men who had been taken captive, and raping their women that same night. One of Mohammed’s 22 wives was “wedded” the night of the massacre.

3. Muslims are tolerant. FALSE. Try to enter Saudi Arabia with a Bible. They will confiscate it from you and feed it into a shredder right as you process customs. You cannot enter Saudi Arabia if you are Jewish. Please look at some of these pictures to see the tolerance of these people.

4. Muslims are peaceful. FALSE! Well, “good” Muslims aren’t. A common argument for Muslim atrocities is to turn it back on the accuser. “Think of all the murder and atrocities committed in the name of Christianity during the Crusades.” Yes, but there is a big difference between committing an atrocity in violation of your holy teachings, and committing an atrocity because your holy book specifically advocates and in many instances requires it of you! Ironically the “best” Muslims are the radical terrorists. They are the ones who are following the core teachings laid out in the Koran. The Muslims community routinely turns the discussion of Islamic Jihad back to a critique of the Crusades. This argument doesn’t wash. The Crusades were a direct result of the brutal attack on Christianity carried out between the seventh and tenth centuries. Muslims today are taught that Islam spread peacefully. I have documented a timeline of this spread of Islam and invite you to review it to see how “peacefully” this cult spread. I would like to draw your attention particularly to the battle of Ullais, where the Muslim General Khalid spent two and a half days executing more than seven thousand Persian prisoners in an attempt to make the Euphrates run red with blood. Also pay close attention to the fate of the refugees who were allowed to leave Damascus under a truce in the Battle of Battle of Marj-ud-Deebaj

5. Muslim science contributed to today’s civilization. FALSE. Nothing new developed under Islamic rule. They stole art and technology from other civilizations. The “Muslim” shrine of the Taj Mahal? Predates Islamic India by a couple hundred years. They only contribution that can be accredited here is the cross-pollination of ideas, as the stolen technologies were consolidated. Anything to the contrary is misinformation promulgated by Muslims. Yes, even zero was invented by the Indians.

Below I am providing you with some links. One of the most interesting of these is the Free Baha’i Library project “Ocean”. In this is a searchable database containing numerous religious texts from Islam (4 translations of the Koran and the Bukhari Hadith), Zoroastrian, Christianity, Bahuallah, Mormon, Sikh, Tao and Hindu. An invaluable tool for anyone interested in comparative religion.

I also invite you to study the various critiques of Islam. Use the Ocean database for reference. You will quickly come to the realization that I did, that Mohammed was a schizophrenic, homicidal pedophile and rapist, who used a cult belief to control his followers that was no different than Jim Jones or Bagwan Shree Rajneesh. The only difference was that Mohammed’s followers had the historical good fortune to wage a war of conquest that was little different from those of the Huns or the Mongols. A fringe barbarian race had a population explosion backed by cavalry. The Christian world was in disarray and war-weary from the recent Sassanid wars against the Persians, and was in no condition militarily to turn back the Arab hordes. A relatively minor cult that should have burned out after the death of it’s founder was spread by force of arms and promulgated by mutual fear of the consequences of apostasy.

There are numerous accounts of miraculous visions and tales of the Holy Spirit at work in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world today. The interesting thing about Islam is that those most vulnerable to conversion to Christianity seem to be the most devout Muslims. Most Muslims don’t try to read the Koran, because it’s pretty much incomprehensible. It isn’t arranged in any sort of order, except that the longest surahs are first. A devout Muslim who wants to be the best Muslim he can be will try to read and understand the Koran, and feel that he is not worthy, because no matter how deeply he studies it, it’s contradictory and makes little sense. Give that man the book of John, and it is like a veil lifted from his eyes. He can read a compelling narrative that confirms everything that he hoped the Koran would say, but it never quite did. Bam. Instant Christian. This is why the Bible is banned in Saudi.

Here are some additional links for you to check out:
World religions free research library. – a downloadable tool that provides all the major writings of the world religions.
Prophet of Doom – I am providing a link here to the annotated P.O.D. Koran, but this site has so much more to explore. . . .
Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet?
Answering Islam – excellent, well organized site. I especially endorse the section of testimonials of converted Muslims from around the world — The Holy Spirit IS working! – a website by, for and dedicated to former muslims who risked death to leave Islam
A Hindu take on Islam
This one will make you cry

I would be more than happy to discuss this further if you wish. I would appreciate it if you would modulate your discussions of Islam to the children and teach the truth, that it’s claim of being an Abrahamic religion is questionable. Teach that Islam’s ultimate goal is to enforce Sharia law under a worldwide Islamic theocracy. This is what Muslim children are taught, it’s a disservice not to teach it to our children. Teach that the primary victims of Islam are the peaceful Muslims, who would leave Islam happily if it was not a death sentence.

All of these things are obvious to anyone who takes the time to actually seek the knowledge, instead of relying on the modern day Goebbels’ to paint the world the way they want you to think. Some of your children will find this knowledge on their own. I hope when they do that they don’t look back and think that their teacher misled them.


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Comment to Islamophobia Site

I had planned to not comment because I have yet to decide if your site is part of the Islamic Apologists that seeks to deceive uneducated Muslims and non-Muslims or are sincere yet incorrect in your understanding of the true nature of Islam, an incorrect understanding that is true for the majority of Muslims.

But your comment above forced my response: “please do not spread falsehood about a religion without completely researching on it. Please read the Qura’an completely and then make an opinion about it.”

It is not just the Qu’ran that is the essence of Islam. The actions of Mohammad and sayings are equal, perhaps greater, that forms the ideology/theology of Islam. In addition, the interpretation of his teachings, Hadith, are the “official” guides to proper behavior. The best record for free can be found here: and is downloadable.

Sahih al-Bukhari (Arabic: صحيح البخاري‎), as it is commonly referred to, is one of the SIX canonical hadith collections of Islam. These prophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by the Persian Muslim scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari, after being transmitted orally for generations. Muslims view this as their most trusted collection of hadith and it is considered the most authentic book after the Qur’an.

Taken together, and with much study, a far different interpretation of Islam emerges than you present. There is no radical Islam. There is Islam and there is non-practicing or weak Islam that the majority practice.

I look forward to reviewing the rest of your entries, but hope you will allow correction of errors and perhaps a reform Islam will emerge that really does have as its essence much of what you write.


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