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Allah and Muhammad quote Babylonian Talmud instead of Hebrew Scriptures

Q5.32 Says allah commanded the Israelites that if they kill one person, it’s as if they killed all mankind and if they save one person it’s as if they saved all mankind.

Oddly enough, this quote doesn’t come from the Hebrew scriptures; it comes from the Babylonian Talmud!!! So why is allah quoting Jewish commentaries instead of Jewish scripture? Is it because Muhammad was a false prophet who repeated stories he HEARD about Judaism/Christianity, and really had no clue WHAT he was quoting?

“For this reason was man created alone, to teach that whoever destroys a single life, it is as if he has destroyed an entire world; and whoever preserves a single life, it is as if he has saved an entire world” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, Folio 37a).


The English edition of the Schottenstein Babyl...

The English edition of the Schottenstein Babylonian Talmud

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Questions for Islam to Answer about Bible Corruption

English: Eliseus is a prophet of the Hebrew bible.

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‎”The Islamic Proof Application of Jewish Corruption of the Hebrew Scriptures”
This “Islamic proof” application is based upon the revelation given to Mohammad in Arabic from the Mother Book (Ummul Katib) / The Preserved Tablet (Lawh al Mahfuz) that states, “then altered it (the word of God) after they (the Jews) had understood it, and they know it” – Koran 2:75
Please answer every question with as much detail as possible. All unanswered questions will be considered that you are without historical evidence proof of your believed Jewish corruption claim. Since the Koran is what is in great question here, you as a Muslim must travel outside your Koran so that you may attempt to convince the non-Muslim world better known to you perhaps, as “Dar al-harb”.

1. Please provide in complete detail “all” Hebrew texts that have been altered including all words that have been added to the Hebrew text and “all” words that have been subtracted from the Hebrew text. __________________________________________________________

2. Please provide full complete details of what all portions of the supposedly altered Hebrew text “originally stated” word for word “before” they were supposedly altered. __________________________________________________________

3. Please provide “all” exact dates (in exact calender years) as to “when” each and every altercation of the Hebrew scriptures occurred. _________________________________________________________

4. Please provide “all” exact locations (including the names of cities or nearest city) of “where” each and every altercation of the Hebrew scriptures occurred. _________________________________________________________

5. Please provide a full and complete list of each and every name(s) and title(s) of “all” Jewish persons who were supposedly involved in the altercation of the Hebrew scriptures. _________________________________________________________

6. Please provide a full and complete list of any and “all” ancient “historical sources” that would even remotely suggest that the Hebrew scriptures have been willful and deliberately altered. ________________________________________________________

7. Please explain in full and complete detail “why” 1st. century Isa, so-called prophet of Islam, who stated a lot of negative rebukes towards the Jews of his day, never mentioned the Jews being guilty of altering their scriptures. _________________________________________________________

8. Please explain in full and complete detail “why” every single prophet that prophesied “after” any scripture altercation supposedly occurred, never corrected by the “word of God” that they had, never corrected the Holy Hebrew scriptures. __________________________________________________________

9. Outside the obvious “picking and choosing” of certain Hebrew scriptures that Islam wants to use in order to paint Mohammad into the Hebrew scriptures such as Deuteronomy 18:15, on what non-bias basis causes you to be sure that such scriptures themselves are not altered in like-manner of the ones that you believe are? __________________________________________________________

10. Please explain in full detail “why” you don’t think it’s hypocritical of Islam to claim a Jewish corruption of the Hebrew scriptures of which no name(s) location(s) or years are given as a source, when Uthman (644 – 656 C.E.) had four men rewrite the “Hafsah codex” that caused such a great four-way division that he had all previous versions burned in a place in or near Medina where he died. __________________________________________________________

Note: These simple claim-proving questions shouldn’t be difficult to answer given the fact that the Hebrew Bible is the most widely bought and read book in the history of mankind. Given it’s world-wide popularity it would be impossible for any sufficient change of the context to go unnoticed and unrecorded as was the case when Islamic history recorded a corrupted Koran controversy concerning the caliph Uthman burning earlier versions that differ from today’s accepted Koran. Therefore, any reluctance towards taking such a challenge demonstrates just how weak Islam is when put to the test.

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