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Please try to support American Workers by buying products from the directory in the link below. Click on a letter below to go to that category (example to find American Made Jeans click C for Clothes or J for Jeans. If you know of a good American Made Product not on the list there is a submission form as well on the site.


Made In America Products Directory

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Ending the recession

The only way out of this recession is NOT by the power of government. It is WE THE PEOPLE who keep buying imports that is the cause. If everyone started buy American when the option exists (ie. certain styles of New Balance shoes, american tires, american made cars, frying pans, fans etc.- all items I had to work to buy american but did) and decreased their purchases of imports by 10%, there would be no recession, no unemployment and no budget deficit (the increase in american production would generate increased tax revenue and decrease government outlays of social services expense).

Please also review comments, in which I have greatly expanded the information regarding the subject in response to comments.

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Politcal Paradoxical Truth – Recession

It is paradoxical that in a major recession in the United States, that the general political philosophy of the two main political parties are simultaneously correct while also exclusive.  To get the economy back on track, the general philosophy of the Republican Party is needed, but it also leaves the most vulnerable to the effects of the recession without adequate assistance.  To assist those who suffer the most negative effects from the recession, it is the general philosophy of the Democratic Party that serves the nation best. Yet, this same general philosophy isn’t effective to get the economy back on track.

How then should a voter, a citizen, to decide which general philosophy should influence their vote. And, more importantly, why can’t both these be addressed simultaneously? Why can not the politicians of any party, simply protect the most vulnerable populations AND do that which is necessary to get the economy back on track?

And, why is almost no one, and certainly no major political party or candidate for any office, stating the number one reason for the recession? Why does every newspaper, regardless of its slant on “news”, and every commentator incorrectly place the blame on numerous different but minor causes for the recession?

The recession, and the by far the number one reason why it continues AND will the the forseable future can be identified in a single word; imports.

Every single purchased import is one less job for an american, from an imported blue jeans, imported shoe, imported car, imported candy bar, imported aspirin, etc. causes the loss of american money to another country that will not come back.  The job that could have been generated for an american, will be generated in China, in Mexico, in India, in Turkey, etc.

Prior to 1978, 90% of all shoes were american made, by 1978 less than 10%, by today 1%.  Those jobs, over a million are gone.

Not one tv, dvd player, stereo, is made in USA.  Levi’s Jeans are not made in America. Most school notebook paper is now imported from Brazil. Every single purchase of these items, causes this recession, causes you or your neighbor not to have a job and contributes to the recession.

The recession, the lack of jobs is OUR fault. And, yes, lack of buying american, at least for those items that still can be bought makes a difference. Each import is a nail in the coffin of America’s future, or your future, of your children’s future.

Read EVERY label.  Don’t buy a pack of imported gum when an American made one is sitting there next ot it on the shelf.

Seek out American made items.

Don’t buy a Nike or Reebok sneaker, seek the specific style made in USA by New Balance (not all New Balance are USA made, only some styles). Buy a Red Wing American made work boot or shoe.  Buy Amercian made yellow number 2 pencils, not chinese or indian.  Buy an American made car or truck (not American company branded import masquerading as American because it has a Ford, GM, Chrysler badge).Buy an American made electric fan.

Yes, it now takes effort to be a patriotic thinking American. Failure to do so makes the recession YOUR fault.

No job? What did YOU do to save American jobs?

No job, but driving an imported car? Whose fault is it that you have no job? How many jobs did YOU send out of the country with the clothing you are wearing right now? With the food you just had during your last meal? With your last trip to a store?

Vote for America with your money.

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