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Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Terrorist Influence
Many analysts believe that the radical organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood will gain great influence with a change of government in Egypt.

A closer examination of the secretive group provides insight as to why its possible climb to power has Western observers so uneasy.

Before Osama bin Laden formed al Qaeda, he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. So did his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

In addition, the terrorist group Hamas identifies itself as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

Why are there so many jihadists drawn to the Brotherhood? The group’s official motto may tell the story.

It reads:

* Allah is our objective.
* The prophet is our leader.
* Qur’an is our law.
* Jihad is our way.
* Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt, with the goal of spreading Islamic Sharia law worldwide and uniting all Muslim nations into one Islamic super state. It was eventually banned in Egypt, but for the past several decades has worked behind the scenes to the point where it’s now considered the most influential Islamist organization in the world — with chapters in more than 100 countries.

“It has been repressed in Egypt and in many other countries where the Brotherhood has affiliates and entities,” said retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Myers, who has called the Brotherhood an “insurgency movement.”

“The state security services work against them because they are a subversive insurgent organization and they conduct terrorist acts and have been involved in violence as well,” Myers told CBN News. “Seeking to overthrow and change the governments where they’re represented.”

Although the group has been severely repressed in Egypt for years, it represents that country’s most organized and powerful opposition force.

Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo told CBN News the United States must become more aware of the Brotherhood’s growing influence.

“Here in the United States, virtually every prominent Islamic organization is controlled and led by the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Gunadolo. “Why this is key, is because they see that they are going to destroy our Western civilization from within.”

The Brotherhood’s immediate goal, though, is an Islamic state in Egypt — and an end to that country’s peace treaty with Israel.

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Anti-Islam gathering in Dearborn protested, defended

See on Scoop.itIslam Revealed

Anti-Islam advocates from across the U.S. gathered Sunday in Dearborn for a conference to bring attention to what they say is a problem of Muslim honor killings.

See on

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map indicating Muslim percentages in Arab Leag...

The Spread of Islam

Here’s a very incomplete list of organizations or people self-censoring, or hiring bodyguards, or going into hiding, or taking other precautions, and sometimes getting killed or wounded after receiving death threats and violence from Muslims following the example of Muhammad, who said there would be no punishment for murdering someone who had insulted him.

Audience in Lecture Hall, Queen Mary College, London (man goes to front of hall, films audience, announces he will track down anyone who says a negative word of Muhammad. The lecture — on Islamic law — is canceled.)

Monty Python comedian (self-censors in fear of Muslims)

Yale University Press (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Metropolitan Museum of Art (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

National Archives of Canada (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

French newspaper (after being firebombed for printing a cartoon of Muhammad, the next day the paper prints that cartoon again, and more! Bravo!)

Hollywood (self-censors by canceling a movie project about Jews in Malmo, Sweden, after learning of frequent Muslim threats and acts of violence against Jews in Malmo);

Talk-show host David Letterman (At Al Qaeda website a frequent commenter calls on Muslims to cut out Letterman’s tongue and kill him.)

Paris Dipersico, author (beaten by two Muslim men for writing things “against Islam,” such as “Islam is a religion of ‘peace’, and Muslims will kill you to prove it.”)

Director of the museum in the Hague, Wim van Krimpen (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

UK religious studies teacher Gary Smith (Muslims hit him over the head with an iron bar, fracturing his skull, hemmorhaging his brain, breaking his jaw, and slashing his face, for not teaching Islam as they deem appropriate)

Norwegian politicians (Iraqi-born cleric Mullah Krekar threatens politicians with death if he’s deported from Norway).

State Senator Greg Ball (receives suspicious package with greeting “Asa Lamu Laikum Dead Man Walking,” (the first part of which is Arabic for “peace be upon you”) ;

2010 Tennessee candidate for Congress Lou Ann Zelenik (death threats from Muslims);

Barrister Tom Zreika (seeks police protection after non-stop phone threats from Muslims);

Japanese translator of Rushdie, Hitoshi Igarashi (murdered);

Norwiegan translator of Rushdie, William Nygaard (shot);

Italian translator of Rushdie, Ettore Capriolo (knifed);

French singer Veronique Sanson (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Artist Molly Norris (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats, changed name, went into hiding);

The producers of South Park (self-censor in response to Muslim death threats);

Journalist Lawrence O’Donnell (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Cartoonist Lars Vilks (house firebombed);

Philosopher Robert Redeker (in hiding, under government protection);

Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh (murdered);

Author and former member of Dutch parliament Hirsi Ali (full-time bodyguards);

Author Salman Rushdie (in hiding, under UK govt. protection);

Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten (bodyguards hired);

And again Jyllands Posten (five jihadists discovered planning to shoot as many people as possible);

Atheist Sabri Husibi (death threats from Muslims);

Lyricist Javed Akhtar (death threats from Muslims);

Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (almost killed by a Muslim with an axe);

Director of the film 2012; the comedian Penn Jillette; the British potter Grayson Perry (all three self-censor in response to Muslim death threats);

Lawyer Majed Moughni (death threat from Muslim);

Author Taslima Nasreen (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Disc jockey/musician Jakub Rene Kosik (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Coptic Orthodox priest Zakaria Botros (Al Qaeda bounty of $60 million on his head);

Pop star Deeyah (hires extra bodyguards);

Politician Shiria Khatun (forced by Muslim threats to her children to dress in a “less Western” manner);

Christian minister Dr. Peter Hammond
 (death threat from Muslim);

Actor Omar Sharif (Muslims call for his murder);

Artist Sooreh Hera (self-censors in response to Muslim threats and forced into hiding);

Artist Sarah Maple (gallery workers threatened, gallery window smashed, 24-hour police protection);

Beatle Paul McCartney (death threats from Muslims);

150 Austrian Coptic Christians (Austrian interior ministry found jihadist list targeting each of them for violent attack);

100+ Canadian-Arab Christians (each one targeted on an Al Qaeda website);

Volvo and Ikea (threatened by terrorist group);

UK Muslim scientist Usama Hasan (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Islam expert Robert Spencer gets a death threat; and another death threat; and another death threat; and yet anoth…well, you get the idea.

Robert Spencer continues to speak out, but countless others are self-censoring in response to the climate of intimidation. The lights are going out. The growth of Islam means the death of civil liberties. It’s time to resist.

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Muslim Brotherhood In USA

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Islam letter template to educate the teachers of your children

Teaching Our School Children About Islam
My son came home the other day upset that the Islam lite that was being taught by his fifth grade teacher was not the same as the classic Islam that I teach him about here at home. I wrote the following letter to her, expressing my concerns. The response I got was brusque, and clearly indicated that she had not read my letter in its entirety and was closed to further discussion or investigation. She definitely stated that they do not discuss Islam in school. I find this hard to believe, because ten year old kids are insatiably curious, and questions always arise about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the current conflict in Gaza. How can you not discuss these things without discussing Islam? I would cheerfully remove my child from this school if I thought I could get a better education anywhere else.

If you have concerns about the politically correct brand of Islam that is being presented to your children at school, please take the time to contact your school officials and educate them. If Islam is to be discussed at all to our children, it should be done so with full disclosure. It’s a grave disservice to the next generation to misrepresent the greatest threat to our freedoms and western values in our time.


Dear Mrs. Xxxxxxxx,
My son has been discussing with me about your 5th grade studies on Islam recently, and I am a bit dismayed by what I am hearing.

I have a friend who is a Baha’i, and several years ago we frequently discussed religion over lunch. The course of these discussions has prompted me to conduct an extensive study of Islamic history over the last year or so. I have conducted this study from a variety of sources, including the Koran and the hadiths themselves. I have corresponded with practicing Muslims from Egypt, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia, and have learned that they live in a completely different world that we do, where black is white and evil is good.

Mrs. Xxxxxxxxx, today we are facing a world war against Islam. It is absolutely essential that we understand Islam for what it really is if this conflict is to be resolved. What I have been hearing coming back through my son is a series of propaganda ploys and common mistakes that westerners make about Islam. It is critical that if you are going to teach about Islam, that you thoroughly understand it, and avoid the erroneous, politically correct misinformation that is being promulgated through the media and by our national leaders. If you take a quick inventory of all the armed conflicts around the world today, a hugely disproportionate number of them involve Muslims who cannot get along with their non-Muslim neighbors.

I’m not a racist or a radicalized islamophobe. I don’t need propaganda literature to support my positions on Islam. My position is strongly anti-Muslim, and my only necessary source of material is the Koran and the hadiths and commonly accepted Islamic histories.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not hate Muslims as such. I think that the people most victimized by Islam are the rank and file Muslims themselves. Most Muslims are good people who are forced to profess a belief in a cult religion that they little understand. They are slaves.

John 10:14 says that “I am the Good Shepherd, and my sheep know me”. I have read the Koran enough to know that the deity that Muslims worship has nothing to do with my God. I recognize the being that the Muslims worship. He is well known to Christians in word and deed, and his name is Satan.

Let me briefly discuss some common misconceptions.
1. Muslims and Jews and Christians all follow the same God. FALSE! Muslims claim this legitimacy based on a tradition of descent from Abraham. See my article concerning this fallacy. This tradition states that the Ka’aba was the house that Adam built when he was expelled from Eden, and that Abraham rebuilt it. There is no biblical or archaeological evidence that Abraham ever entered Arabia. Any similarity between Islam and Judeo-Christianity is a fabrication of Muhammad, intended to make his cult more palatable to the Jews and Christians he was trying to court into joining him.

My God does not endorse the assassination of people who speak out against him. (Ibn Ishaq 676)
My God does not permit you to rape your captive females. (Tabari IX:25)
My God did not endorse his prophets to take slaves and “marry” (read: Rape with legitimacy) them hours after publicly executing their fathers. (Quran 50-51, Ibn Ishaq 466)
My God does not share his glory with his two sister goddesses (oops, sorry, Satan dictated that part of the Quran, according to Muhammad. My bad . . . or his. . .. whatever). (Ibn Ishaq 165)
My God does not endorse 57 year old prophets to have intercourse with 9 year old brides. (Bukhari:V7B62N64)
My God did not advocate his prophet to wage a campaign of banditry from which the prophet got 20% of all the booty. (Quran 8:41, Bukhari:V1B2N50)
My God did not reverse his teachings. (Quran 2:106)
My God does not deny the immaculate conception, the divinity of Jesus or that Jesus died on the cross, let alone rose from the dead. (Quran 4:157)
My God does not teach that a woman is worth half of a man. (Quran 2:282)
My God does not require that you be killed if you leave the faith. (Quran 4:89)
My God does not consider the mindless recital of scripture in an archaic language that the penitent doesn’t even understand as prayer. (Bukhari:V2B16N108)
My God does not instruct the sons of prophets to divorce their wives so that the prophet can marry them. (Tabari VIII:1-3)
My God does not instruct his prophets to renounce the trinity. (Quran 5:73)

All of these things are documented in the Koran and hadith.

In actual fact, Islam is primarily based on the polytheistic traditions of the ancient Arabs of Mecca, with a large dose of tortured Torah and fractured New Testament, and a huge serving of self-serving pablum to cement the power of the messenger. Many passages are contradictory, most of the parallels to the Torah are just plain wrong. It’s plain that the Koran was developed by someone who had heard bible stories, but is not intimately familiar with them.

2. The conflict between the Muslims and the Jews is a recent one over land rights in Israel. FALSE. This is only correct in that the conflict is over land rights. Remember that Mohammed drove out three of the Jewish tribes that had originally welcomed him in Medina, and put the fourth one to the sword, butchering all the men who had been taken captive, and raping their women that same night. One of Mohammed’s 22 wives was “wedded” the night of the massacre.

3. Muslims are tolerant. FALSE. Try to enter Saudi Arabia with a Bible. They will confiscate it from you and feed it into a shredder right as you process customs. You cannot enter Saudi Arabia if you are Jewish. Please look at some of these pictures to see the tolerance of these people.

4. Muslims are peaceful. FALSE! Well, “good” Muslims aren’t. A common argument for Muslim atrocities is to turn it back on the accuser. “Think of all the murder and atrocities committed in the name of Christianity during the Crusades.” Yes, but there is a big difference between committing an atrocity in violation of your holy teachings, and committing an atrocity because your holy book specifically advocates and in many instances requires it of you! Ironically the “best” Muslims are the radical terrorists. They are the ones who are following the core teachings laid out in the Koran. The Muslims community routinely turns the discussion of Islamic Jihad back to a critique of the Crusades. This argument doesn’t wash. The Crusades were a direct result of the brutal attack on Christianity carried out between the seventh and tenth centuries. Muslims today are taught that Islam spread peacefully. I have documented a timeline of this spread of Islam and invite you to review it to see how “peacefully” this cult spread. I would like to draw your attention particularly to the battle of Ullais, where the Muslim General Khalid spent two and a half days executing more than seven thousand Persian prisoners in an attempt to make the Euphrates run red with blood. Also pay close attention to the fate of the refugees who were allowed to leave Damascus under a truce in the Battle of Battle of Marj-ud-Deebaj

5. Muslim science contributed to today’s civilization. FALSE. Nothing new developed under Islamic rule. They stole art and technology from other civilizations. The “Muslim” shrine of the Taj Mahal? Predates Islamic India by a couple hundred years. They only contribution that can be accredited here is the cross-pollination of ideas, as the stolen technologies were consolidated. Anything to the contrary is misinformation promulgated by Muslims. Yes, even zero was invented by the Indians.

Below I am providing you with some links. One of the most interesting of these is the Free Baha’i Library project “Ocean”. In this is a searchable database containing numerous religious texts from Islam (4 translations of the Koran and the Bukhari Hadith), Zoroastrian, Christianity, Bahuallah, Mormon, Sikh, Tao and Hindu. An invaluable tool for anyone interested in comparative religion.

I also invite you to study the various critiques of Islam. Use the Ocean database for reference. You will quickly come to the realization that I did, that Mohammed was a schizophrenic, homicidal pedophile and rapist, who used a cult belief to control his followers that was no different than Jim Jones or Bagwan Shree Rajneesh. The only difference was that Mohammed’s followers had the historical good fortune to wage a war of conquest that was little different from those of the Huns or the Mongols. A fringe barbarian race had a population explosion backed by cavalry. The Christian world was in disarray and war-weary from the recent Sassanid wars against the Persians, and was in no condition militarily to turn back the Arab hordes. A relatively minor cult that should have burned out after the death of it’s founder was spread by force of arms and promulgated by mutual fear of the consequences of apostasy.

There are numerous accounts of miraculous visions and tales of the Holy Spirit at work in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world today. The interesting thing about Islam is that those most vulnerable to conversion to Christianity seem to be the most devout Muslims. Most Muslims don’t try to read the Koran, because it’s pretty much incomprehensible. It isn’t arranged in any sort of order, except that the longest surahs are first. A devout Muslim who wants to be the best Muslim he can be will try to read and understand the Koran, and feel that he is not worthy, because no matter how deeply he studies it, it’s contradictory and makes little sense. Give that man the book of John, and it is like a veil lifted from his eyes. He can read a compelling narrative that confirms everything that he hoped the Koran would say, but it never quite did. Bam. Instant Christian. This is why the Bible is banned in Saudi.

Here are some additional links for you to check out:
World religions free research library. – a downloadable tool that provides all the major writings of the world religions.
Prophet of Doom – I am providing a link here to the annotated P.O.D. Koran, but this site has so much more to explore. . . .
Muhammad, Terrorist or Prophet?
Answering Islam – excellent, well organized site. I especially endorse the section of testimonials of converted Muslims from around the world — The Holy Spirit IS working! – a website by, for and dedicated to former muslims who risked death to leave Islam
A Hindu take on Islam
This one will make you cry

I would be more than happy to discuss this further if you wish. I would appreciate it if you would modulate your discussions of Islam to the children and teach the truth, that it’s claim of being an Abrahamic religion is questionable. Teach that Islam’s ultimate goal is to enforce Sharia law under a worldwide Islamic theocracy. This is what Muslim children are taught, it’s a disservice not to teach it to our children. Teach that the primary victims of Islam are the peaceful Muslims, who would leave Islam happily if it was not a death sentence.

All of these things are obvious to anyone who takes the time to actually seek the knowledge, instead of relying on the modern day Goebbels’ to paint the world the way they want you to think. Some of your children will find this knowledge on their own. I hope when they do that they don’t look back and think that their teacher misled them.


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Best explaination of UnConstitutional Restriction on Free Speech in Dearborn Michigan

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Response to Dearborn Mayors Open Letter

Mr Mayor, reading your open letter was painful in the obvious errors in thinking it expressed.

1. All of the United States of America is a FREE SPEECH ZONE that is guaranteed by the Constitution. Permit Free Zones? That is clearly Un-American and has no basis from the Constitution. The only reason a permit is needed for Free Speech Demonstrations is to notify the local government of the Demonstration so that it may adequately prepare any necessary security and area clean-up as needed.

2. You are mistaken regarding no illegal behavior occurring in the mosques of Deerborn. Failure to investigate or to prosecute jihadist behavior, support, or illegal activity does NOT mean it isn’t occurring. And behaviors that are not illegal, but against the interests of the United States of America are still Un-American behavior and Un-welcomed.

3. “It appears your choice of the Islamic Center of America is not because it has any relationship to the stated object of your free speech, but because it symbolizes the Islamic faith in general. If so, that is not truly in line with the Constitution you say you are defending.” – This is purely your opinion and has nothing to do with the Constitution. Anyone has a right of free speech regardless of the subject matter. The Supreme Court has repeated affirmed this right is guaranteed in the Constitution, even if the content of the free speech is abhorrent to must people.

4. Your defense of smut outlets and the use of them, a sausage factory and The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village as “proof” that Sharia Law isn’t being implemented in Deerborn is ludicrous. None of these three paragraphs has anything to do with the Constitution, the Dhimmi support of the Deerborn Muslim community, or the objections to the planned demonstration or Pastor Jones exercise of his free speech rights.

Mayor O’Reilly: An Open Letter to Pastor Jones

April 20, 2011

“Dear Pastor Jones:

I watched you on television speaking about the Constitution and Dearborn, and it appears you need more information about both before you come to our city. I can provide insight on the Constitution, and expertise on Dearborn.

First of all, Dearborn supports the Constitution as well as any city in America. Our commitment to the Constitution is unwavering, not merely convenient, which makes your hyperbole about Sharia Law being practiced in the courts or civil law of Dearborn nonsensical. So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn’t exist in our community. Not in our courts, not at our City Hall, not on our streets and not in any of our places of worship.

Still, because we do understand the Constitution here, we are not preventing you from expressing your free speech. In fact, in Dearborn, we’ve even gone one step farther than most communities in support of free speech. We established, by ordinance, “Permit Free Zones” intended for demonstrations and free speech.

One of those zones is at City Hall, where from my office I have heard many rallies being conducted in response to international, national or regional issues. This is a high-visibility spot, seen by thousands of motorists but safe from traffic, with plenty of public space for protestors, supporters and the media. It is where we are asking you to conduct your demonstration. The steps of City Hall can even make an impressive platform for speeches.

And, if you are unhappy with what you think is going on in Dearborn, then what better place to protest than with City Hall as the back drop?

Instead you insist on protesting in an area that has no public property to accommodate crowds, spectators, parking or the media. There is just a small public road with limited access which can’t be blocked and an adjacent grassy area for drainage. It is parallel to a major state road, but the small shoulder can accommodate people only when they have auto emergencies.

And, this property you are focusing on, in front of the Islamic Center of America, is also adjacent to four Christian churches, all of which will be hosting Good Friday services, adding to the traffic flow and congestion. It is ironic that the road that you want to protest near is called Altar Road, so named because it was first constructed to provide access to a row of churches constructed in the 1950s reflecting Dearborn’s diverse faith communities.

But I can understand if you don’t know the details of the site, or the particulars about Dearborn. But you should know about the Constitution that you claim to be defending.

The Constitution says that your rights must be balanced with the rights of others under the same document. Your free speech rights do not allow you to trespass on the private property of others or prevent them from the Constitutional right to freely practice their religion. I am not just talking about Muslims, but members of all faiths.

The members of the Christian churches on Altar Road asked me last week if they should cancel their Good Friday services because of your planned visit. I assured them that they should not because the Constitution does not allow you to violate their rights. I don’t know why you selected Good Friday, but it wasn’t very considerate of the significant Christian services being held at that time. I assure you that you will not make them forfeit their services.

You claim that you are coming to protest the radicalism of Islam. Like all of America, we are concerned about the radicalization of any religion that would rationalize extreme actions. However we have not let this concern turn into a twisted paranoia that promotes fear-mongering and misleading generalizations. You state that you are coming to the Islamic Center of America because it is the largest mosque in America. What does that have to do with the radicalism of Islam? While size may matter to you, we prefer to focus on actual behavior. And according to our Police Department and the anti-terrorism agencies they work with, there has never been evidence of any wrongdoing in any of Dearborn’s mosques.

It appears your choice of the Islamic Center of America is not because it has any relationship to the stated object of your free speech, but because it symbolizes the Islamic faith in general. If so, that is not truly in line with the Constitution you say you are defending.

There is no Sharia Law in Dearborn, only Constitutional Law. Sharia Law is church- or faith-based law that is applicable only to the followers of that faith. For me it is Cannon Law of Catholicism, in Judaism it is Torah Law, and for Muslims it is Sharia Law. The actual originator of the event you plan to hold in Dearborn, Frank Fiorello of the Fraternal Order of the Dragon, accepted my invitation to learn more about Dearborn, and after seeing the truth, he canceled his protest.

But, if you don’t believe that Dearborn follows the Constitution, here are some realistic facts for you. Businesses in Dearborn lawfully meet the diverse needs of our Greater Detroit area, but if Dearborn practiced Sharia Law, would we have three adult entertainment bars and more alcohol licensed bars and restaurants per capita than most other cities? None of that should be allowed under Sharia Law.

How about this? A business we boast about, the nationally known Dearborn Sausage, opened more than 60 years ago across the street from the first mosque in Dearborn and is famous for its sausages and spiral-sliced hams. It is one of many meatpacking operations in our City and no one has ever objected.

Dearborn is also famous for The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, where more than 1.5 million visitors come each year from across the country and the world to learn about the foundations of our American way of life.

Dearborn is a diverse, safe and unified city that is addressing its future in a proactive manner. We cherish the American Dream that brought so many people here during the last century to earn a decent wage and enjoy a high quality of life thanks to Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. And for Dearborn, our success and our identity is tied to welcoming people of all backgrounds who have chosen to make America, and our community, their home. We are proud to have welcomed them.

As we work hard to balance your rights with the rights of others in Dearborn, you will be extended every courtesy during your visit–as long as you follow the law based on the Constitution’s protection of everyone’s rights. That should be a familiar statement to you.

You have said over and over that “Muslims are welcome as long as they follow the Constitution.” Surely, then, you wouldn’t ask less of yourself.”

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Islam and the End Times

Hopefully, everyone who reads this will have the epiphany after they read the quote below and just “Get It”, that Islam Is a ‘Vehicle’ Of Satan. The quote below is from the book

    “The Islamic Antichrist”

by Joel Richardson. I can not say for 100% surety IF this is how the One True God will usher in the second coming of His Son Jesus Christ, but there is no question what-so-ever that Islam is the great deceiver’s masterful work to bring eternal damnation to BILLIONs of people and that Muhammad (continued eternal damnation be upon him) is the “False Prophet” of the End Times. No one has ever been so evil in the history of mankind than Muhammad, not Hitler, not Gingas Kahn, not Vlad the Impaler, no one.

So maybe you now agree that it is important to become informed regarding Islam, but you may wonder why it is important to understand Islamic eschatology specifically. That’s a good question. Please think through some of these points carefully: The Bible makes it clear that the Devil’s primary plan for the last days has been, for the past few thousand years, to raise up two men, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, as his primary instruments to deceive the inhabitants of the earth. How do you suppose that Satan has planned to include the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims in his grand end-time deception? Did Satan fail to foresee and strategize regarding the global spread of Islam? Or has Satan included the Muslims of the world in his end-time strategy? Will Islam, the world’s third monotheistic religion, also undergo the persecution of Satan along with Christians and Jews as they all resist the Antichrist together? Or will Islam — the religion that prides itself on resisting any form of idolatry — simply submit to a demonic and false religious leader without putting up any real fight? For years, I questioned the Lord about these issues. In time, as my knowledge of Islam deepened, the answers to my questions became very clear. This book is my attempt to share with you what I have learned. I understand that this may sound like a strong statement to make, but I believe that the information presented in this book will establish the fact that Islam is indeed the primary vehicle that will be used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible about the future political/religious/military system of the Antichrist that will overwhelm the entire world just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. [The Islamic Antichrist, Pages 11-12]

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Egypt is the start of the end for Freedom Worldwide

Two huge processes are happening right before our eyes. One is the Arab liberation revolution that is instigated by Islamic tyrants to be that seek to impose strict Sharia Law and end freedom, free speech and all that is non-Islamic. After half a century during which moderate Arab leaders have ruled the Arab world, their control is weakening. After 40 years of decaying stability, the rot is eating into the stability. The Arab masses will no longer accept what they used to accept. The Fundamental Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood are seeing their chance to seize control in the false name of “the people”.

Processes that have been roiling beneath the surface for about a decade are suddenly bursting out in a scripted show of violence and rioting. Modernization, globalization, telecommunications and Islamization have created a critical mass that cannot be stopped. The example of a possible democratic Iraq is awakening others, and Al Jazeera’s accurate broadcasts are fanning the flames. And so the Tunisia fell, Cairo is falling and other Arab moderate states will fall.

The scenes are similar to the Palestinian uprising of 1987, but the collapse recalls the Soviet collapse in Eastern Europe of 1989. No one knows where the uprising will lead. No one knows whether it will bring Islamic Tyranny or a modified Sharia compliant democracy. But things will never again be the same.

The old order in the Middle East is crumbling. Just as the revolution in the 1950s brought down the Arab monarchism that had relied on the colonial powers, the 2011 revolution in the square is bringing down the Arab leaders who were dependent on the United States.

The second process is the acceleration of the decline of the West. For some 60 years the West gave the world imperfect but stable order. It built a kind of post-imperial empire that provided relative quiet and maximum peace. The rise of China, India, Brazil and Russia, like the economic crisis in the United States, has made it clear that the empire is beginning to fade.

And yet, the West has maintained a needed sort of international hegemony that has helped temper the radicalism of Islamists and assisted to maintain the moderate Arab leaders such as Mubarak in the Middle East. Just as no replacement has been found for the dollar, none has been found for American leadership. As Stealth Jihad has taken hold in the West, the Western countries’ show only a very poor handling of the Middle East. Right before our eyes the superpowers that maintained the freedoms the world has known, especially in the Middle East are becoming dhummi to the Tyranny of Islam.

There are no excuses for the contradictions. How can it be that Bush’s America understood the problem of repression in the Arab world, but not the deep seeded threat of Islamic Tyranny represented by the Muslim Brotherhood and its off shoots such as Al-Qaeda , and Obama’s America ignored it until last week and now is taking sides against freedom and moderate leaders such as Mubarak? How can it be that in May 2009, Hosni Mubarak was an esteemed president whom Barack Obama respected, and in January 2011, Mubarak is a dictator whom even Obama is casting aside? How can it be that in June 2009, Obama didn’t support the masses who came out against the zealot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while now he stands by the masses who are coming out against the moderate Mubarak?

There is one answer: The West’s position is not a moral one that reflects a real commitment to human rights. The West’s position reflects the adoption of Jimmy Carter’s worldview: kowtowing to benighted, strong tyrants while abandoning moderate, weak ones.

Carter’s betrayal of the Shah brought us the ayatollahs, and will soon bring us ayatollahs with nuclear arms. The consequences of the West’s betrayal of Mubarak will be no less severe. It’s not only a betrayal of a leader who was loyal to the West, served stability and encouraged moderation. It’s a betrayal of every ally of the West in the Middle East and the developing world. The message is sharp and clear: The West’s word is no word at all; an alliance with the West is not an alliance. The West has lost it. The West has stopped being a leading and stabilizing force around the world.

The Islamic Tyranny revolution will fundamentally change the Middle East. The acceleration of the West’s decline will change the world. One outcome will be a surge toward China, Russia and regional powers like Brazil, Turkey and Iran. Another will be a series of international flare-ups stemming from the West’s lost deterrence. But the overall outcome will be the collapse of North Atlantic political hegemony not in decades, but in years. When the United States and Europe bury Mubarak now, they are also burying the powers they once were. In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the age of Western hegemony is fading away and with it the last hope for freedom, human rights and decency. It is the beginning of perpetual violence, oppression of woman, Christians, Jews, loss of free speech, loss of freedom, and war.

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Islams Seven Heavens and Dantes Inferno

Qu’ran Sura 67. Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty, Control)

3. He Who created the seven heavens one above another:

Islam has seven heavens? To which do these correspond to 9 Levels of Hell: Dante’s Inferno?

Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’ is the most recognized and popular non-religious description of hell and its various levels, and frankly he has done a great job! Written during the medieval period from 1307-1321, Dante Alighieri has brilliantly described the 9 levels of hell in simple and believable words making the entire piece of work very approachable and believable. Below are the different levels of hell described in ‘Inferno’ by Dante.

Ante Hell
Dante describes that he found himself in the woods through which he found a passing beneath an arch, through which he entered ante hell and once he entered the arch, it couldn’t be seen. The upper hell is also referred to as ‘Nowhere’ and is known to exist outside the Acheron river of pitch black, heavily flowing water. Dante said that people who have failed to make any choices in life are found running in this place forever, trying to reach to an end which can’t be reached, constantly bitten by invisible worms and insects and stung by wasps. Dante also saw some bronze jars scattered in the mud with spirits of people trapped inside and faint voices seeking help. Dante also said that anyone who contacted river Acheron would be trapped for ever in the freezing cold river, trying hard but unable to move making the experience quite uncomfortable and scary. Dante saw a ferry run by Charon, a tall old man with eyes like burning coal and long white beard, who carries everyone who wants to cross the river Acheron and go to the first circle of hell.

Level 1: The Limbo
The Limbo is the first circle of hell, consisting of pleasing white Mediterranean style villas and plain green fields, the air is clean and fresh, there is peace and beauty, but still there is a certain sadness in the atmosphere. This is so because the limbo is the place for people who are not exactly sinners. These spirits reside here because there was lack of hope and eternal believe in God. People who were born before the time of Christ, the un-baptized, the infants who still bear the burden of the original sin etc are the people who reside here. Dante was accompanied by Virgil, a famous Roman poet who also belonged to this circle. Dante saw many famous personalities like Caesar, Brutus, Socrates, Aristotle and many classy poets and thinkers in this level.

Level 2: The Lustful
Dante explains the next level of hell as a place for those who sinned through their sexual lust excessively. All the souls that resided in this level were of those who gave their sexual passion and lust more importance than the love of God. Dante explains that these souls are punished by whirling eternally in a cloudy and murky air by a strong air current. The harsh winds lashes at these souls and they keep on spinning through the air in darkness endlessly. Dante saw the souls of great lovers like Helen, Cleopatra, Tristan etc in this level. He also saw the souls of unsuccessful lovers standing on the ground, trying to get caught in the gale.

Level 3: The Gluttonous
If you know what are the seven deadly sins, you would know that gluttony is one of them. The souls of the Gluttons who failed to utilize the gifts given to them by God in a meaningful and higher way, and wasted their lives in consuming excess and giving nothing but garbage in their lives, are the ones who reside in the third level of hell. Dante describes this level as a gigantic garbage dump, the atmosphere being freezing with rain and stinking snow with the damned spirits lying in the freezing icy paste, swollen and lewd.

Level 4: The Spendthrifts and The Hoarders
This level is for the people who were hoarding and wasting wealth and other necessary things all their lives without realizing the importance of sharing and saving. In this level, the souls are divided into two furious mobs, punished by carrying heavy boulder like weights on their back which represents the wealth that they accumulated in their life. The 2 mobs tend to clash with each other, with each side screaming , ‘why hoard’ and ‘why waste’? These souls keep on rolling and pushing weights for eternity as punishments in never ending rage. Dante also saw the souls of some priests, popes and cardinals who had extreme greed for material wealth rather than spiritual wealth.

Level 5: The River Styx
Dante describes this level to be covered by a thick fog with a stinking swamp which is ankle deep. The wrathful and the gloomy and depressed souls reside in this level of hell. These souls are filled with anger and wrath due to which they constantly keep on attacking other souls and at times bite themselves too. Dante also saw some bubbles forming in the slime which are supposedly the souls of the sullen and gloomy who failed to accept the spiritual awakening when they were alive and chose to stay in the gloomy and depressing darkness. Therefore, as punishment, these souls are buried under the stinking water of river Styx.

Level 6: The City of Dis
Level 6 is where you actually arrive to the city of Dis where reside the ‘Arch-heretics’. These were the people who denied in the afterlife and the immortality of the soul. The city of Dis consists of huge iron walls and burning tombs all around the landscape. There is also a huge white marble mausoleum with slabs imprisoning an unbeliever with their birth and death date listed along with their name. There are groans, curses, whimpers and rage noises coming from the tombs.

Level 7: The Violent
This level is meant for the spirits who sinned in violence. This level is divided into 3 circles according to the type of violence that one is condemned for. These circles are explained as under.

1. The River Phlegethon: [This sure seems to be where most Islamic Jihadists would be – editors note]
This ring is for the tyrants and the murderers, especially those, who in the form of homicide, malice and destruction, incorporated violence not only in their own lives, but also made others suffer. This ring consists of river Phlegethon which consists of boiling blood and smells of strong fresh and clotted blood. As these people played with blood when they were alive, this level punishes them to be immersed in the boiling blood forever. The depth of immersion depends upon the degree of sin from ankle length to over the head. This level also consists of people for whom violence was a part of their duty and they happily enjoyed it. Dante also saw an island at this level consisting of officials who let the criminals loose on purpose, and also people who murdered due to a reason which can be considered ‘justified’. These people are suppose to keep the souls under their feet too injured to fight or try to get up. So, although, they are not boiling in blood, they still are not in a happy or peaceful place.
2. Violence Against Self: The next ring in level 7 of hell consists of those souls who committed violence against themselves which includes, suicide, gambling etc. The souls of the suicides are fastened in thorny trees with black leaves. These trees are constantly torn by Harpies, the overseers of these damned souls. When these creatures feed upon the damned souls by tearing and biting their leaves and limbs, the wounds in the tree bleed. Only when the souls encased in the trees bleed, can they speak and express their pain. The punishment is that these souls who destroyed their own bodies and the chance to express themselves when they were alive should be condemned to stay in human form and given the chance to express themselves only when they bleed and get destroyed by the Harpies. You will also find the souls of people who destroyed their wealth in gambling, running through the deep dark forest, chased by a group of wild dogs who tear them apart, when caught. A stream of River Phlegethon flows to this ring as well.
3. Violence Against God: The last ring of the 7th level of hell is for those who sinned in violence against God and nature. These are the souls of the blasphemers, sodomites and usurers. The violent blasphemers against God are stretched naked with their face upward on the ground with the burning rain pouring over them. They also shout and curse God. The sodomites wander in the hot sand for eternity, naked and squatting with their arms. The usurers who were violent against art and nature lie crouching on the hot sand with concealed identity and money bags hanging from their necks. They wear fine dresses, the colors of which express their family shields but this signifies that they were so concerned with material goods that they ended up loosing their actual identity.

Level 8: Malebolge
This level is for those who were fraudulent in their lives, who betrayed the people who put their trust on them. This level is divided into 10 bolge depending upon the kind of fraud and betrayal one has done.

1. Panderers and Seducers: This is where the souls of the seducers and the panderers reside, even pimps, movie producers, emotional rapists are found here. These souls are condemned to walk endlessly driven by the lashes of tall horned ugly looking demons.
2. Flatterers: This bolge consists of the souls of advertisers and people who falsely flattered when they were alive. The structure of these souls are altered physically in such a way that whenever they speak, excrement comes out as their punishment.
3. Simoniacs: These are the people who corrupt the holy things. These souls are punished by laying upside down in a hole filled with oil. Only their feet is visible and the rest of the body is immersed in oil. The flames of fire pour on their feet. Simoniacs include the new age gurus claiming and ‘selling’ enlightenment, Pope Nicholas II etc.
4. Fortune Tellers: This section consists of the fortune tellers, the soothsayers and the sorcerers. They are punished by twisting their necks backwards so that they always move forward by moving backward. Even teachers who referred a slow reader as ‘dyslexic’ and predicting a child’s educational future are found here.
5. Grafters and Barrators: Here lie the soul of the people who stole once trusted, and those who took money adopting unethical ways. These souls are immersed in boiling pitch. They fear to take their heads out as the demons will tear them into pieces with their powerful claws and pitchforks.
6. Hypocrites: The sixth bolge of the eighth level is to punish the hypocrites. These souls wear heavy leaden robes and have hoods covering their eyes. They look defeated, weary and are in great pain. The punishment is to walk round and round in a narrow track for eternity. If the sinner stops to walk, the cloak becomes more hot.
7. Thieves: This is the widest bolge than all other in this level. These souls wander naked and are constantly attacked by snakes which when bite the souls, turn the souls into flames and ashes, after a few seconds, these ashes are again turned into shades and again attacked by the snakes. Many a times, the shade bitten by the snake turns into a human soul and the soul bitten turns into a snake. This keeps on happening resulting in unending chasing and attacks all the time.
8. False Counselors: All you can find in this bolge are the bright flames burning all over the place. These flames are supposed to be the souls of the false counselors and therefore will keep burning like this for eternity.
9. Sowers of Discord, Scandal and Schism: In the words of Dante, “And just as their sin was to rend asunder what God had meant to be united, so are they hacked and torn through all eternity by a great demon with a bloody sword. After each mutilation the souls are compelled to drag their broken bodies around the pit and to return to the demon, for in the course of the circuit their wounds knit in time to be inflicted anew.”
10. Falsifiers: All the souls that have sinned falsifying in life, are plagued with all types of illnesses including STD’s, rabies, leprosy and are forced to drag themselves on the ground in order to move forwards because their illness has made them so weak.

Level 9: Cocytus
The last level of hell is meant for the traitors which also happens to be the place where Satan resides himself. Dante defines that the frozen pool of coytus seems to be like a sheet of glass and the freezing breeze takes away all the warmth present in the atmosphere. These winds are from the wings of Satan flapping eternally to freeze the souls to chilling ice with their heads facing up and their eyes frozen with tears. Lucifer, the other name for Satan has 3 faces colored, red, yellow and black. Each of the face is chewing a famous traitor. The red face is said to chew the soul of Judas Iscariot, the black face is chewing Marcus Brutus and the yellow is chewing Caius Cassius Longinus who took part in the conspiracy against Caesar.

So these were the different levels of hell explained in the non religious description in Dante’s Inferno. Before that we also had a look in what the Bible had to say about the levels of hell. As mentioned earlier, these are all interpretations and attempts to know what happens when you die? What is the truth about hell or heaven? The reality is that no one can know this for sure, unless one experiences it on its own. Though reading and researching helps us make a picture, the levels of hell, is yet again another mystery that will be solved in its own time. To conclude I would like to quote a saying by Saint Augustine,”It is my opinion that the nature of hell-fire and the location of hell are known to no man unless the Holy Ghost made it known to him by a special revelation”, (City of God XX.16). Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Comment to Islamophobia Site

I had planned to not comment because I have yet to decide if your site is part of the Islamic Apologists that seeks to deceive uneducated Muslims and non-Muslims or are sincere yet incorrect in your understanding of the true nature of Islam, an incorrect understanding that is true for the majority of Muslims.

But your comment above forced my response: “please do not spread falsehood about a religion without completely researching on it. Please read the Qura’an completely and then make an opinion about it.”

It is not just the Qu’ran that is the essence of Islam. The actions of Mohammad and sayings are equal, perhaps greater, that forms the ideology/theology of Islam. In addition, the interpretation of his teachings, Hadith, are the “official” guides to proper behavior. The best record for free can be found here: and is downloadable.

Sahih al-Bukhari (Arabic: صحيح البخاري‎), as it is commonly referred to, is one of the SIX canonical hadith collections of Islam. These prophetic traditions, or hadith, were collected by the Persian Muslim scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari, after being transmitted orally for generations. Muslims view this as their most trusted collection of hadith and it is considered the most authentic book after the Qur’an.

Taken together, and with much study, a far different interpretation of Islam emerges than you present. There is no radical Islam. There is Islam and there is non-practicing or weak Islam that the majority practice.

I look forward to reviewing the rest of your entries, but hope you will allow correction of errors and perhaps a reform Islam will emerge that really does have as its essence much of what you write.


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