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SIOTW Interviews Walter Brown ADL Founder

SIOTW Interviews Walter Brown – ADL Founder

JANUARY 21, 2012

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This is an interview with Walter Brown, founder of The American Defense League (ADL)

When and why did you get involved in the anti-Islamic movement?

I am not just opposed to Islam, I also oppose any and all philosophies which are detrimental to the founding (natural-law) principles of the United States. I took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic in 1986 when I joined the US military and again in 1987 when I was commissioned.  I am no longer in the US military but military oaths don’t have an expiration date.

Islamophobia is an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims. Are you an irrational Islamophobe?

I am not afraid of Islam; I am opposed to Islam because it has produced an uninterrupted track record of violence and repression traceable directly to the dictates and practices of Mohamed. Islam is a mess; it has been used as the justification for more murder and misery than any other political philosophy. If Muslims want to continue worshipping Islam, they need to reform it – and fast. The world is catching on to the true nature of Islam and the time to reform Islam and prevent the world from dealing with it like the world dealt with Fascism is running out. I could care less if people want to worship Mohamed’s philosophy as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others – which has clearly not been the case.  Mohamed spread Mohamedism with the sword and his minions continue to spread it using violence and every other criminal and repressive method known to man. I am neither irrational nor afraid – I am completely rational and opposed.
Did you receive any threats from Muslims or others because of your involvement in the anti-Islamic movement?

No, I don’t.  I don’t consider all or even most Muslims to be threatening; like most rational people I am opposed to the results of the same defective parts of Islam that any other reasonable person would be opposed to. I could care less about the clothes they wear, what they eat, where or how they pray – as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

What aspects of Islam do you find most problematic and disturbing?

I find the political and legal nature of Islam to be most problematic. Islam is an ideal system for establishing an absolute dictatorship, in that it entrusts total authority for governance in one individual empowered to decide any and all issues that are not specifically covered by Mohamed’s ramblings in the Koran or his personal idiosyncrasies found in the Sunnah. As Mohamed was extremely violent, vindictive and self-centered, his dictates and practices included many activities such as murder and robbery that were and still are wrong. To make matters worse, there are many situations that Mohamed didn’t specifically address and much of what he decreed wasn’t intended to establish broad legal principles but rather to provide narrow justification for the crimes he had just committed or intended to commit. Consequently, there are many undefined issues and no limits on the power entrusted to frequently self-appointed and violently installed religious leaders. All of which is an ideal machine for producing absolute theological dictators.
I am also troubled by the fact that the terrorist’s Islamic supremacy world view is a correct and logical conclusion that any serious methodical study of the Koran following tenets of Islam will produce. This is particularly troubling because it makes Islamic terrorism a self-starting phenomena, all you need to do is study, have the intelligence to understand what you are reading and the naiveté to think it’s true.

Do you think Israel is a good ally in the struggle against Islamization?

Israel is an important ally in this struggle, they have managed to survive a continuous Islamic onslaught since the first wave of Zionists began buying land and returning to Palestine to escape the pogroms in Eastern Europe in the 1880’s. Israel is a big thorn in the side of Islam because it is an economic success and by far the best place to live in the Middle East and it is very decidedly not an Islamic country. Israel’s sectarian western style government has produced a much better quality of life for its residents than any of its much larger neighbors including those with immense natural resource wealth, a fact that Islamists don’t want to be recognized. Islamists have made Israel and the US enemies number one and two, for this and many other reasons Israel and the US need to be strong allies. In general, Islam has chosen virtually the entire world as its enemy and there should be no shortage of allies – nor little chance of Islam prevailing once the other 80% of the world decides they have had enough of its antics.

Who is a moderate Muslim?

I suspect that most Muslims in non-Muslim societies are moderate. Studies have shown that Muslims become more fundamentalist as their demographic percentage increases, there is a ton of evidence to support this and I have no reason to doubt it.
Moderate Muslims, fortunately and contrary to their own claims, truly don’t understand Islam. They don’t see the whole picture because the mosques they attend fortunately and thankfully give precedence to the peaceful aspects of Islam and downplay the violent aspects. Unfortunately, virtually all of them teach that the Koran, which contains both peaceful and violent decrees, is the unadulterated word of god. Legally, the most recent positions abrogate earlier positions, which has the effect of giving the later violent decrees precedence over the earlier more peaceful ones.

Another group of moderate Muslims are those that recognize that Islam has serious problems and seek to reform it, these are extremely courageous individuals, what they are seeking to do is patently blasphemy and it is punishable by death in many places if not specifically by law then by mob justice.

Mohamed was not a moderate by any stretch of the imagination, he invented Islam and it’s safe to say he understood it. In the Koran, Mohamed established himself as the ideal model for a Muslim and that’s also a big problem considering his many immoral practices.

How do you see the future with current immigration policies? And what needs to be changed?

I worry about cutting off the escape route for Christians and Jews suffering persecution in Muslim dominated countries. Our immigration policies since 1965 have focused primarily on reuniting families, which caused the infamous “chain immigration problem”, versus providing an open door to persecuted peoples. It is more difficult for a Coptic Christian in Egypt to emigrate to the US than it is for a fundamentalist Muslim.  We need to stop being so politically correct and pretending that a person’s philosophical orientation isn’t important. I am not in favor of ending immigration from Arab, Asian or North African nations because they are exactly the place where the worst persecution is occurring. I am in favor of tighter restrictions on travel, temporary worker and student visas from all of these places and a more open policy towards victims of persecution. I don’t believe that any resident or citizen should expect the government to take care of them and it is exactly this welfare-state mentality that keeps America’s doors tightly shut to people that would be good to have in the US. Imagine the size of the pool of language and culture specialists that would be available to US military and intelligence services if we allowed more of the persecuted people into our country. These are people that really understand what is going on, where it is happening, who is doing it, when and why. The inscription on the statue of liberty explains what our immigration policy should be, open and welcoming to the down trodden victims of persecution and a brick wall to their persecutors.

What do you see as the biggest challenge when it comes to informing people about the dangers of Islamization?

Patience is the biggest challenge. It takes time to digest the facts and information needed to get to the bottom of the Islam problem. Trying to do something before you’re ready is a recipe for bad results. Most people, Americans included, don’t have a lot of time to study and understand the issue. There is a lot of sounds-good, feels-good, superficial denial and apologetic propaganda hiding the truth that a person must overcome before accepting the truly grotesque realities of Islam.
Allied soldiers that liberated the Nazi concentration camps literally couldn’t believe their eyes and they had seen a lot of death and killing before arriving there. Humans have a protective mechanism that blocks out things that are beyond our ability to deal with.

Islam is the biggest mass murdering philosophy in the world, it has been the proximate cause for the systematic killing of well over 270 million people. Nothing else even comes close, for comparison purposes, Communism (Marxism & Socialism) has less than half as many victims at 110 million (median estimates).
During WWII, few people were able to accept let alone believed the rumors about the holocaust because it was too horrible to accept, and this is part of the problem we face in informing people about the dangers of Islam. It’s a completely foreign subject, it takes time to assimilate and the nature of the material naturally turns a lot of people away.
To help people overcome these barriers, we focus on publishing current news, historical and analytic articles associating terrorism, genocide and other human rights violations with Islam to provide an overwhelming and irrefutable causal connection between them. It is our belief that Islam as it currently exists is unacceptable and incompatible with civilized society, moreover it won’t change on it’s own, it’s going to take massive public pressure. We aim to help people understand what Islam really is and help bring about change.

What do you say to people calling you a racist or a Nazi because you oppose Islamization?

Doesn’t happen very often, I just ignore it. Considering that the Nazis and Islamists were partners it doesn’t make much sense to call someone a Nazi for opposing Islam.
There are a number of people working together as administrators on our FB page and we work hard to keep racist sentiment off our wall. We have deleted tons of followers for making racists comments. We’re not playing baseball, you don’t get three strikes if you make racist or violence inciting comments your history. We are also not a debate group, if someone wants to defend the merits of Islam they can do that on their own wall or page.

Do you think mainstream media is pro-Islam biased?

I think the mainstream media is out of touch with reality and in denial. Those that understand don’t want to touch this issue because it’s a political hot-potato and being seen as coming out against Islam is taboo for our mainstream media which jumps onto the bandwagon of every cause that has a chance of helping them advance their Socialist/Marxist world views even if they don’t recognize or admit that’s what they support. I think they work hard to hide the Islam connection to criminal activity in the same way they hide the juvenile to criminal behavior prevalent in all virtually the groups they favor.
They think they are doing Muslims a favor by helping them hide their problems when they are in actuality just depriving them of moral support that they need to reform Islam.

Muslims want to use Sharia (Islamic law). In what way does it clash with our Western civilization and our laws?

The degree to which Muslims want to live under Sharia law is not universal and if you pick and choose the ordinances it could be quite reasonable; the problem is, it is general public doesn’t get to pick the ordinances and it isn’t their opinion that matters. What matters is their religious leaders interpretation of Sharia and consequently passivity can turn to aggression overnight. Full blown Sharia doesn’t recognize equality and as such it is fundamentally incompatible with all Western civilization, it also doesn’t accept the validity of any contradictory laws.
A lot of people, myself included, have argued that teaching Islam is sedition. Unfortunately, it’s not the only seditious philosophy threatening the US and at least for the moment the likelihood of using a sedition strategy to constrain Islam is not good.

How do you see the future for ADL and how can ADL help stop islamization of America?

For the moment we are focusing on education I think that this the most effective thing we can do for now. We get calls to do EDL type events but I am very reluctant to do them because they would almost certainly end up doing more harm than good. As long as we’re not threatening anyone and just building a case against Islam in the court of public opinion, we are on solid ground. I am strongly opposed to hooliganism and getting a whole bunch of people together and riling them up over something that they can’t do anything about at the moment is worse than short sighted, it’s dangerous. This is how the Pogroms of Europe and Asia and the KKK got started. We are opposed to Islamists in part because they do this kind of thing, if we will not stoop to their level.

Is Islam a religion of peace? 

Islam is neither a religion nor is it peaceful. There are a lot of peaceful Muslims that practice a limited, technically-incorrect and consequently blasphemous form of Islam that is peaceful, but there are also entire countries that commit immense violence up to and including crimes against humanity because it is not only justifiable but the duty of faithful followers of Mohamed.
Muslims still consider Korans to be the unadulterated word of god even with all of the internal and external contradictions. Considering that God is all knowing and Korans provided contradictory answers to the same question based on which ever position was more convenient for Mohamed at that moment, the net effect of all this effectively makes god a liar or Islam a fraud.
The Italians removed tax-exempt status for Islam because it was becoming too much to pretend that it was a religion and not a political organization. Islam is the philosophy that operates numerous countries, it has religious aspects but calling it a religion is like calling an invading army a benevolent organization because it serves free lunches to its soldiers.

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