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I just like dandelions

Dandelions (mlecz)

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I just like dandelions. (Though for tea, I prefer Chamomile when I’m in a super mellow, just gonna relax mood.) Sunflowers are great too but you can’t lay down in a field of them though a field of them is just a sight to be seen. (And the seeds are on my list of favorite “grab and eat snacks”.

They named that 80’s group after me…… “Quiet Riot”, 😉

Tuesday was a big improvement over the previous 9 days….. I had the two hour dentist appointment. Surprise, surprise, apparently to get a crown put in, it requires literally grinding half the tooth away! They forgot to mention that part when I agreed to yesterday’s appointment back in November. And once they called to make sure I was coming 10 minutes AFTER I was suppose to be there, it was a little late, sitting in the chair to say “excuse me, you’re gonna do what and take how long”.


The upside is I discovered that Caribou Coffee has a Sugar Free Skim Milk Latte that tastes great as I walked to it right from the dentist’s office to reward myself for submitting to the procedure.

I almost wanted to sing “Oh Happy Day”.

Anyways, tell me about you, or your day.  How did you enjoy our beautiful temperate day Tuesday?

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