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Islam Not For You: The Quran’s Message to the Non Arabs

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Introduction As we all know, Islam is based on the Quran, which is regarded by Muslims as Mohammed’s only miracle and the only evidence that he was a prophet. We…

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Action Steps for “Peaceful” Muslims

Action Steps for “Peaceful” Muslims.

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While we watch events unfold in Libya and Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen and Somalia and Abu Dhabi and Dubai and (?) Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Syria and as Pakistan teeters (please, please, please, not Pakistan) and Iraq is back to unseemly behavior, may I beg your indulgence and remind that: today is the 156th day of the tenth year of the War in Afghanistan.

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No Pictures of Muhammed

Is this why Islam doesn't allow pictures of Muhammed?

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By their fruits they are known – Christianity vs. Islam

By their fruits they are known.

People who preserve life, truth and creation are children of the Creator.
People who destroy life, truth and creation are children of the destroyer.

Jesus frequently taught his followers and disciples they could recognize the nature of a person by the things they do, the things they say, and from the depth of their heart the mouth speaks.  When we see people doing the things the devil and his horde do then we know those people call the devil their father, even if they do it by calling him by another name.

We know the desires of the devil and his horde.  We know they hate God the Creator.  We know they hate those things that God favors, and that includes God’s children.  We know the demons love to do certain things as well.  We know the devil and his demons love to lie, deceive, kill, rape, pillage, molest little girls and little boys and much more.  These are things we find among the people of Islam and especially “radical Islam.”  These spirits are born of the Koran and Islam.  The spirits of demons dwell in these people and some of these people express the desires of the demons openly.  This is why the so called “radicals of Islam” do the things they do without any regard for anyone and then say that it is the will of Allah, and every immoral, disgraceful and sinful thing they do is justified in their own minds.

The devil hates God’s children.  He can’t reach the Son and he can’t reach God but he can send out his army in the name of jihad (holy war) to kill God’s children who remain on the earth.  This is the reason why Islam says it is not only acceptable but desirable to “kill the infidels.”  If Allah commands the people to do the very same things that the devil commands his people to do then it does not take a brilliant scholar to know the devil and Allah are, if not one in the same, in league with each other.  People who are easily deceived will join Islam.  People who are poorly informed will be deceived by Islam.  The greatest numbers of people who are joining Islam today are the uneducated and those who are unaware of what Islam and Allah really are.

In the face of the truth of such things, when Islam is exposed the people who have been indoctrinated into the lie want to tear their cloths, throw dirt in the air and kill the favored ones of God, the Jews, the Christians, etc. because they are expressing the feelings and motivations of the spirits that reside within them.  These spirits are demons who were cast down from the heavens by Michael and his angel army.  All of these things were prophesied 1000’s of years ago.  Even Enoch wrote of such things and about the battle between the children of light and the children of darkness.

Even the Koran clearly says that salvation and prophet-hood was given to the children of Israel, the Jews.  And yet who among them asks how it was that Mohammed, a perverted Arab and descendent of Ishmael, who was cursed by God could ever be considered an equal or greater to Moses?  Truth is He didn’t.

Compare Moses to Mohammed.  Moses was highly educated, spoke several languages, could read and write.  Mohammed couldn’t read or write his entire life.  Moses preformed countless miracles.  Mohammed didn’t perform one miracle.  Moses was hunted by the Pharaoh as a baby.  Mohammed wasn’t. Other than the depths of Mohammed’s perversions murderous tendencies, child molesting and hatred for the Jews and chosen people of God Mohammed was nothing special at all.  Even Allah complained about Mohammed and Allah is a demon.

Compare Jesus with Moses.  Well educated.  Trained in a craft.  Hunted by the king as a baby for the purpose of killing him.  Jesus fits the description of who God was talking about when he said he would raise up someone like Moses from the brethren, not from the Arabs but from the descendents of Israel.



The dragon in anger can not attack the woman or her son, so he sends a flood from his mouth after the children of the woman who are still on the earth.  Islamic radicals come to the gates of Israel and throw rocks and shout obscenities trying to provoke a fight.  Why do they do this?  Because their souls are in torment, just as the demons are who were kicked from the heavens by the angels of the One True God.  It’s all about the fruits of those spirits.  Islamic radicals express the feelings and intent of the demons who possess them.

Muslims are very quick to proclaim in their anger toward the truth and those who speak the truth that we do not know what we are talking about.  Because if we do know the truth they are in some serious trouble.  Let me say this… They are in some serious trouble because the things I have said so far are just the beginning of where their religion went wrong.  Please understand this, that Islam is growing in leaps and bounds, among who?  Mostly among the uneducated, uninformed people of the world.  People who wouldn’t go to the effort to dig for the truth to find it.  If they could read and understand the Koran itself they could understand that something went seriously wrong with their religion.


The Koran 


“O children of Israel! Remember My Favour which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you to Alalamin (mankind).”  (Surate Al-Baqarah 2:47) 

“And indeed We gave the children of Israel the scripture, and the understanding of the scripture and His laws, and the prophethood, and provided them with good things, and preferred them above the Alamin (all mankind).”  (Surat Al-Jathiyah)

“And (remember) when Moses said to his people: ‘Oh my people, remember the favour of Allah to you when He made prophets among you, made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the mankind.  O my people” Enter the Holy land (Palestine) which Allah has assigned to you…’ ”  (Surat Al-Maida 5:20-21 HK)


In each case we see it was the children of Israel who were declared to be the ones the prophethood came to and through and for who salvation was acclaimed.  Even in the Koran these things were proclaimed, not for the Arabs and not for Mohammed but for the children of Israel.  Then how in the world did Mohammed end up being declared the last true prophet of God?  If you do all your research you will learn that it was not God who proclaimed Mohammed a prophet, but it was humans, friends of Mohammed who did this.

Remember the old testament was not written for the descendents of Ishmael or Arabs, it was God’s words and dealings directed at the children of Israel, the Jews.  When He said from your brethren he was speaking of the children of Israel. Mohammed was never eligible for prophethood.

Islam says that Abraham and Ishmael went to Mecca and built a temple so that many faiths and people could bring idols to that place and worship their pagan gods.  Yet we know Abraham would not have done this.  He was the one of God who had such faith in God that he would kill his only son as a sacrifice to God.  He would not have built an altar so that people could worship demons and idols.  No evidence or other documentation has ever been found that would indicate that Abraham ever went to Mecca.  There is evidence and documentation that one of Mohammed’s own relatives built the alter in Mecca.

It was said the Angel Michael came to Mohammed while in a cave, yet that account doesn’t match up with any other appearance of Michael.  In each case where Michael came to see someone the very first thing he said was “Do not be afraid.”  Then he would identify himself.  But the “thing” that came to Mohammed grabbed him, squeezed the breath out of him and commanded him to read, but Mohammed could not read.  He was frightened to death.  The “THING” had not identified itself and Mohammed said “I fear that I have been possessed.”  Meaning he knew he had been possessed by a demon.  But when he told his account to someone else they proclaimed that it must have been the angel Michael.  From that moment on Mohammed told the story that it had been Michael and not a demon that had attacked him while in the cave.  It is also written that demon known as Jinn were always near and with Mohammed.  It is very likely it was one of these demon who attacked and possessed him.  It was one of these demons who inspired him to write and to do the things he did to defy the God who had cast the demons/fallen angels down from the heavens.

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