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Attacks on Christianity accelerates

Cowardly elected officials and bureaucrats continue to cave-in to atheists and other haters of the Christian faith as evidenced by a New Hampshire school which has assigned a book which refers to Jesus as a ‘Wine-Guzzling Vagrant and Socialist.

A New Hampshire couple is calling for officials at their son’s school to be fired after the teen was assigned a book that refers to Jesus Christ as a “wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist.”

A account of the scandal continues: “Aimee Taylor says her oldest son, 16-year-old Jordan Henderson, was required to read “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America,” this fall for Bedford High School’s personal finance class.

“The book is a first-person account of author Barbara Ehrenreich’s attempts to make ends meet while working minimum wage jobs in Florida, Maine and Minnesota. But in addition to taking aim at the idea of the American Dream, and arguing for a higher minimum wage, Taylor says Ehrenreich also takes aim at Christians and other groups in the book and uses foul language — all of which made Jordan unhappy.

“‘He started making some comments about the book and I said, ‘”Well, just read it. You know you have to read it for school,'”‘ Taylor told “‘But finally he came home one day and said ‘””I’m not reading this book, I’m done reading this book, I am not reading any more of this book,””’ and he slammed it down and said, ””This is junk!'”‘

“Taylor asked her son to show her what was so bad about the book and after he pointed out a few controversial excerpts she decided to read it in full. ‘I finished the book that night, I could not put it down because I was just mortified by the take on this book as well as the language, and the Jesus Christian bashing was unbelievable to me, and that it was in our school was just amazing to me,’ she said….”

The Taylors are now home-schooling their son at his request. Mrs. Taylor said: “We’ve eliminated Christmas, we’ve eliminated all these things because we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but here we’re going to hand out this book? … This is anti-God, anti-religion, it’s racial, I mean it crosses a wide spectrum of very touchy and very insulting issues to most human beings and I think that even with a parental consent it’s not enough. They need to boot that book out of there.”

The outrageous Christianity-bashing incident in a New Hampshire school follows the recent report that the Smithsonian Instutute in Washington D.C. which has received countless billions of dollars from American taxpayers allowed a so-called art exhibit which depicted Jesus on a cross covered by ants. Recently, Senator James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, announced that he has refused to march in an Oklahoma Christmas Parade because they have now changed the name — in this very conservative state — to the Holiday Parade. It is time for the American people to rise up and say enough is enough and take back Christmas from the God-haters in America.

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