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Comment on Son’s Facebook regarding ObamaCare

Comment on Son's Facebook regarding ObamaCare

September 30, 2013

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Repeal is Real article at redstate dot com

Yes: Shuler, Kissel and Matheson All Voted “No”
IJB Wednesday, January 19th at 9:09PM EST

I think this will probably cook the goose of these three in 2012 (though redistricting will likely contribute to their “goose cooking”).

Similarly, if this ever comes up in the Senate, and Manchin of WV votes “No”, I think his 2012 reelection chances will be put in serious jeopardy…

It doesn’t matter what Manchin of WV votes on repeal or any other issue. His win is good for the next 5 elections minimum. He has been the anointed crown royal of WV politics for many years and like his predecessor Robert C. Byrd, he has a free pass till death on the Senate seat. It is why he accept the job because he knows it is a life long seat and the governors seat in WV is term limited.There is no real Republican Party in WV other in the Eastern Panhandle, and will not be anytime this century. The Democrats have a lock on the state for the Senate Seats and all but one Congressional Seat. The peculiar thing about the voting population in WV, they occasionally elect a Republican Governor and tend to go be a Red State for President without seeming to realize it. (Obama had no chance of winning WV as they would never vote for a non-white President.)


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