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Response to France banning muslim protest of mohammad cartoon

Official logo of the French Republic, used exc...

Official logo of the French Republic, used exclusively by its government.

The problem is so many people  fail to understand is that there is NO SUCH THING as a PEACEFUL muslim protest.

(At least none that I personally am aware of nor do i doubt that there are none that the French government are aware of, especially in light of the subject being the cartoons being of mohammad – something I don’t approve of doing regardless of why this wingnut paper decided to publish them. It makes no sense to purposely insult anyone’s religion JUST to insult. Legit critizism, yes. Statements that attempt to prove one’s own religion is correct, sure. Simply attacking to incite hate and violence, absolutely not!)

I am 100% for freedom of speech, BUT not for freedom to riot and commit acts of violence which is guaranteed to happen. France is not banning PEACEFUL protest, just banning riots so as to avoid a “Libya-like” result. And that makes complete sense and is an acceptable limitation.

If they COULD PEACEFULLY protest, then they should absolutely should be allowed to do so.

And realistically, if France REALLY wanted to, they could make pre-arrangements to make sure that a protest could be staged that would contain any violence and rioting and then allow it, just as any group that needs a permit to parade or similiar large gathering.

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