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Mohammad Predator Grooms Aisha

To prevent this from being deleted when the truth is presented under another’s original post, I am posting my response to the issue of Aisha’s marriage: Sexual predators such as mohammad most often depend on grooming techniques with their victims. They may “groom” the child for a significant period of time. Mohammad waiting 3 years is not unusual.

During this time, the predator uses various techniques iincluding:

Desensitization- Desensitization is the tactic used to get someone “accustomed” to sexually coercive behavior. In mohammad’s case “thighing” prior to the actual rape/marriage.

Isolation- Isolation means removing someone from sources of safety and support which mohammad did when he removed her from her parent’s home.

Control- Once the perpetrator has been successful in attempts to coerce the victim into a sexual relationship, he will usually try to maintain control over her with additional manipulative techniques. These, and the social conditions, with the allah giving mohammad all his heart’s desires, allowed him to keep his “favorite wife”. These additional manipulative techniques may include:
• possessiveness • jealousy
• further isolation from friends • threats and intimidation
• threats of self-harm • expressions of love
• anger and violence • anger and violence
• playing on victim’s insecurity • constant presence

Mohammad was just another predator, whether 1400 years ago or today. There is no difference across societies. A child predator is a child predator. End of the story. And Muhamed Amine Hafis, there is NO defending this or deflecting that abuse and acceptance of these predators in any other time or place makes mohammad any less of a predator. Period. Game, set, Match.

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