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Catholic Church vs Christianity

The Catholic Church is just one branch of Christianity with some differences from most Protestant branches. These are additional books in their Bible that Martin Luther removed as part of the Protestant reformation. The Catholic Church also has the Pope who is considered to be the living head of ALL God‘s churches by Catholics. The other major difference is that the Catholic Church also assumed for itself the right to supersede anything in the bible by their believed authority as successor to Peter for whom Jesus had said he would build his church. An example of the use of this extra-biblical use of authority is the arbitrary changing of the day of worship from the Sabbath Day of Saturday (literally Sabbot) to Sunday to co-op the Sun Worshipers, the largest pagan group in competition for believers at the time. Of course, all Catholic Priests and all other Christian denominations KNOW that the day is suppose to be Saturday, not Sunday, but it remains solely based on Papal authority. Though, there is an extremely weak argument used about the Apostles being assembled together on the first day of the week to cover the contradiction of God’s Word by this change.

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