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Oh Jerusalem … Oh Beloved City of Peace.
Oh Jerusalem … Oh Cradle of Civilizations.
Oh Jerusalem … Oh Land of the Prophets.
Oh Jerusalem … Oh Eternal Capital City of Israel!!

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Gaza and Judea and Samaria are Israeli

There is no such place as the West Bank. The name for this part of Israel is Judea and Samaria.

Prior to the First World War, all of the area known to Europeans as Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire. In the 1920 San Remo conference, the victorious Allies allocated the area to the British Mandate of Palestine. The 1948 Arab-Israeli War saw the establishment of Israel in parts of the former Mandate, while Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) was captured and annexed by Jordan, which destroyed any existing Jewish villages. The 1949 Armistice Agreements defined its interim boundary. From 1948 until 1967, the area was under Jordanian occupation, and Jordan did not officially relinquish its claim to the area until 1988. Jordan’s claim was not recognized by most other countries. Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) was liberated by Israel during the Six-Day War. Most of the residents are Arabs, including a large population of Christian Arabs, although large numbers of Israelis have returned since the liberation settling in Israeli settlements that have been built in the region. Most of the Arab portions of the West Bank are administered by the Palestinian National Authority.

Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) have an anomalous international status, since Jordan’s occupation was never recognized as legitimate by most countries, and Jordan relinquished its territorial claims. The area is not occupied under the strict definition of international law, since it is not territory of another sovereign, but most countries consider Israeli rule as legitimate, except Islamic Arab countries that are using these areas as excuses for Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel. Israeli courts apply most aspects of international law regarding occupation to cases where it is relevant.

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Accused of being anti-Palestinian

Accused of being anti-Palestinian.


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is given little credit for what he’s done to advance prospects for peace and Palestinian development — the ten-month settlement freeze, the lifting of blockades and checkpoints on the West Bank, oft-expressed support for a two-state outcome, and help for the rising Palestinian economy.

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No Such Thing As A Palestinian

British Mandate of Palestine, 1920s. Created b...

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There are no palestinian people. They are simply displaced arabs who should return to their native lands of Jordan (formed specifically as a homeland for palestinians), Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc. The whole of the Palestinian Mandate Area was a useless desert with few people at all until the return of the Jews to their ancestral homeland as promised by the One True God. Then once the land was made back into the land of milk and honey as foretold in the Holy Bible, then the displaced arabs started arriving to take that which was never theirs. And when the whole arab world atacked, they lost badly in a humilitating defeat because God was one the side of Israel and He always has been and always will be. The only hope for real peace, that mohammedians do not want at all, is for the arab occupiers of the Israeli areas of Judea and Sumeria to vacate and for universal acknowledgement and acceptance that Israel exists, has a right to exist, and will continue to exist through the second coming of the Son of God, Jesus. And in His Name I say these things in all truth and with His power and might, Amen.

אין אנשים Palestinian. הם פשוט הם עקורים ערבים צריכים לחזור לארצות מוצאם של ירדן (שהוקמהבמיוחד כמולדת של הפלסטינים), מצרים, סוריה, לבנון, וכו ‘כל שטח המנדט Palestinian היה מדבר עםכמה אנשים חסרי תועלת כלל עד שיבתם של היהודים למולדת אבותיהם כפי שהובטח על ידי האל היחיד והאמיתי. אז פעם אחת את האדמה נעשתה חזרה אל ארץ זבת חלב ודבש ככתוב בכתבי הקודשהתנ”ך, אז הערבים העקורים החלו להגיע לקחת את מה שמעולם לא היה שלהם. כאשר העולם הערבי כולו תקפו, הם הפסידו רע בתבוסה מביכה כי אלוהים היה בצד של ישראל הוא תמיד היה ותמידיהיה.התקווה היחידה לשלום אמיתי, כי המוסלמים לא רוצה בכלל, הוא עבור הכובשים הערבים בתחומיישראל יהודה ובשומר לפנות ועל הכרה אוניברסלית וקבלה שישראל קיימת, יש זכות קיום, ותמשיך קיימתדרך חזרתו של בן האלוהים, ישו. ובשם שלו אני אומר את הדברים האלה למען האמת, ועם הכוח שלואולי, אמן.

لا يوجد شعب فلسطيني. مشردون ببساطة هم العرب الذين يجب ان يعودوا الى بلدانهم الأصلية من الأردن (شكلت خصيصاكوطن للفلسطينيين)، مصر، سوريا، لبنان، وما إلى ذلك كله من منطقة الانتداب الفلسطيني كان صحراء غير مجدية مع عدد قليل من الناس في كل حين عودة اليهود إلى أرض آبائهم وأجدادهم كما وعدت من قبل الله واحد صحيح. ثم مرة واحدة وقدميعيد الأرض إلى أرض اللبن والعسل كما تنبأ في الكتاب المقدس، ثم بدأ العرب النازحين قادمة إلى اتخاذ تلك التي لم يكن لهم.وخسر فيه العالم العربي كله للهجوم، بالغة في هزيمة محرجة لأن الله كان واحدا الى جانب اسرائيل وقال انه كان دائماوسنكون دوما. الأمل الوحيد لسلام حقيقي، أن المسلمين لا يريدون في كل شيء، هو للمحتلين العربي للمناطق الاسرائيلية منيهودا وبلاد سومر لإخلاء والاعتراف والقبول بوجود اسرائيل، لديها الحق في الوجود، وسوف تستمر في وجود من خلالالمجيء الثاني ابن الله، يسوع. وباسمه وأقول هذه الأمور في كل الحقيقة ومع قوته وربما آمين.


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