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Iran and Atomic Weapons

Iran must not be allowed to have atomic weapons.

It is a rogue nation.

On the other hand, it was a good society with a normal population until the insanity of the revolution.

Remove the atomic capacity AND the Supreme Leaders and problem is solved.

BUT, it shouldn’t be the USA or Israel. It should be those with the most to gain in restoring sanity to Iran, the Sunni Arab League. That official negotiations are already under way giving unofficial encouragement and permission for Israel or the USA to act as the proxy for the Sunni Arab League to do this, is not common knowledge.

I vote against the US or Israel acting as the proxy in the Sunni-Shia Arab/Persian conflict. The Muslim Brotherhood can do their own dirty work.

The US can be thankful that Obama is such a weak muslim and weak POTUS that he fails to act regarding Iran.

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Iran Is a Rogue Nation

  • Yin Fēi why Iran is called rogue nation?because these injustice international organization say Iran is rogue nation because it is planning to make nuclear weapon.So why not India,Pakistan and Israel.They also have nuclear weapon

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  • TriEmm Man ‎Yin Fēi, Iran has a history of aggression against Muslims all over the world and it has very closed ties with the Jews. In 1987, Iran planned to attack on Kabbah and did it through it’s pilgrims. Iran supported Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against Talibans since 1998. Iran supports Hezbullah in Lebanon. Iran also supports many Shia militant groups who are killing Muslims. Apart from it, read about the character of Persian peopleright after the conquering Persia by Umar Ben El Khattab (RZ), you will find that Iran (previously Persia) never been like an Islamic Country and been involved in many activities which clearly showed that Iran is a real major threat for Muslims before other external enemies.

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  • Yin Fēi ‎TriEmm Man brother brother brother.don’t you think I don’t know that.I know that but all this thing which is told a Zionist conspiracy to make fitna between Sunnia and Shia.There are some worst Shia who cannot be called Muslim and there are some wonderful Shia who give everything for Islam.Don’t divide be united.Zionist want us to divide so that they can easily attack Iran and destroy that country.Believe it or not if any country in the world in today’s day have Islam in their governmental system that is Iran thought much less but at least they have it in their governmental body.And attack on Kabbah by Iranian is a propaganda and we must not believe in propaganda.

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  • TriEmm Man ‎Yin Fēi – Iran attacked on Kabbah is not a propaganda since it’s a reality and you may ask to anyone who knows the history that how Iranians attacked on Kabbah in 1987. As far as the Fitna is concern so I don’t think so, SHIAISM itself a Fitna since its inception. I have no soft corner for these SHIA nutz (descendants of Abdullah Ben Sabah a Jew). Btw as per unanimous Islamic believes Shias are Non Muslims and there is no question for division. These Shias are Zionist Agents. And Mark my worlds Jews will protect Iran in any case…

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  • Mark as Spam

    Yin Fēi ‎TriEmm Man again that wasn’t an attack that was a demonstration in the city of Mekkah.A group of Iranian done it and we cannot blame the whole Iran for that.In 1979 a Sunni group had also attacked and hostages Al-Masjid al-Haram that means whole Sunnis are bad for some of those idiots?Coming to the next point as I said not all Shia are Kafir.Some Shia do bring sovereignty of Ali to Allah but not all Shia.So,whole of Shiaism is a foolishness as their kaalima is perfect.Regarding to Jews protecting Iran.It not the whole of Iran.Jews will surely protect Isfahan as 70thousand of the Jews will come from their but not of whole Iran.Iran is currently their biggest enemy as they deny to agree with their oppression towards Palestine.

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  • TriEmm Man ‎Yin Fēi – It wasn’t a demonstration – how can you think of DEMONSTRATION where the Iranian Pilgrims came with weapons with them and which Muslim come to perform Hajj with weapons??? What happen in 1979, there was not a SUNNI GROUP … for that I would like to share a link pl read it from beginning to end. For your views that not all Shias are Non Muslims … I strongly disagree, all Shias follow the same believe of cursing Companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), cursing wives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), all shias prays to the shrine of LULU Feroz (May Allah curse on him) who attacked on Umar Ben El Khattab, Shias made changes in Quran, they deny the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), all shias believe that right after the sad demise of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) all companions turn to be Kafir except Ahal-e-Bait, and many more evil activities that are sufficient to call them Non Muslims.

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  • TriEmm Man

    The Grand Mosque Seizure on November 20, 1979, was an armed attack and takeover by Islamist dissidents of the Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest place in Islam. The insurgents declared that the Mahdi, or redeemer of Islam, had arrived in the form of one of the insurgent leaders, …
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  • Yin Fēi ‎TriEmm Man I didn’t find it any where that these people where non-Muslim who did the attack in your article.However,again that totally foolishness to call all Shia as kafir.As I told you before you are categorical few Shia with all of the Shia.I have some Shia friend whose both tawheed is perfect, infarct more perfect then some of our Sunnis.However it neither you nor me to decide if they are kafir or not.They will be judge in akhi raat and then their decision will be made.

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  • TriEmm Man Well, as per Islamic Believes Shias are Non Muslims you may better consult with any Islamic Scholar. On the basis of some shia friends, no one call them as nice Islamic Shia. I have also many colleagues who are Shia, but again they are non Muslims. May be their TAWEED would be perfect but their rest of the believes are not perfect as I mentioned above.

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  • Saeed Ahmad Khan Shias are not muslim…full stop

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  • Roshan Mansoor BUT..There are some shias in Afghanistan with whom all our beliefs are common…the only difference is that they keep their hand open while praying…they dont put it on their chest. So are they Kafir too ?

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  • Roshan Mansoor ‎Saeed Ahmad Khan the way..where is that Christian Guy with whom we had a discussion on thursday……unfortunately i had to go out that day…I dont know what happened next.

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  • Mark as Spam

    Yin Fēi ‎Roshan Mansoor well said brother.And opening hand while is also found in one of the majab or sect in Sunnis too.If I am not mistaken Hambalis probably open their hand when they pray.And we cannot just call anyone kafir like that.Remember that Hadith if you call one of the brother kafir and he is not a kafir then one of them between you and he became kafir.

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  • Mark as Spam

    Saeed Ahmad Khan ‎Roshan Mansoor….admin blocked him

  • Roshan Mansoor ‎Saeed Ahmad Khan that is not good to block a person,,,even if he is insulting us.

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  • Mark as Spam

    Aamir Khan ‎Roshan Mansoor…u should check with nusaybah

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  • Mark as Spam

    Roshan Mansoor ‎Yin Fēi…In total what I mean is that giving Fatwa with out knowledge is forbidden. I know most of the shias have different beliefs rather than Islamic….but some of them dont have. I can see so many Mushriks among Sunni groups specially in Afghanistan, pakistan and India….They worship graves. the follow poets and peers instead of the prophet and his companions….etc..

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  • Master OfUniverse I rest my case that Iran is a rogue nation. FREE IRAN!

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