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This photo shows some of the exterior work needing to be done.  The tree growing next to the foundation needs to be removed.  The bushes trimmed away from the house as well.  The city will require the house to be painted.  The good news is the roof is in good shape with no visual deterioration and the electric meter remains attached.

House painting:  $1500

Tree removal, bush trimming, vine removal from around house $200

   Front Prior to Replacing Board

Front Door and Frame replacement:  $250

Every light fixture needs to be replaced.

Attic Access in Closet – lighting ripped out

 All lighting fixtures need  replacing, 9 x $20 = $180, Bath Room Track Light over Sink $50 and Ceiling Exhaust Fan $50
Exterior Lights Front and Back Porch $80
Closet off Living Room
Basement – No Hot Water Tank, Furnace doesn’t look salvageable, gas pipes destroyed

Hot Water Tank: $325

Furnace ? (To be determined after testing)

Replace ALL water pipes, gas pipes, new waterline from exterior: $980

Where Piping in small bathroom had been

Bathroom is extremely small.  To free up space, should install shower only which takes 1/2 space of tub. With tub, there are only a few inches between tub edge and the sink to pass to get to the toilet. Normal size people would have difficulties passing through.

Shower:  $380, Shower Faucet $100,

  Pedestal Sink & Faucet:  $140

  Toilet should be salvageable. Sink gone.
  Small bedroom, only a twin size bed will fit

Remove ALL wallpaper and paint interior of whole house $600

   Micro Kitchen. Cabinets salvageable, no sink or stove. No place for fridge in kitchen

Kitchen Sink: $200  & Faucet:   $50

Wire for Electric Stove and Refrigerator (in dining room)  $175

    Living Room – Floor salvageable, Refinish Kitchen and Living Room Floors $200
  Front Door and Frame Need Replacement

Front Door and Frame replacement:  $250

Rear Door and Frame Replacement:   $250

   House across street – eye sore that distracts from neighborhood
   Tree Growing against foundation – needs to be removed
   Close view of front entrance – stairs and porch salvageable
  Rear Gate Area and Rear Porch – significant work needed
  Left Side of house – Every window needs replacing
17 windows x $180 = $3060
   Repair Porch and Stairs $280 
               Rear Porch and Back Entrance
Direct view of rear stairs leading to porch
   Rear Shed full of old paint cans, etc -removal needed
Debris directly behind fence on right

Dumpster Rental to discard construction materials, above debris, shed and hazardous materials such as old paint cans in shed $375


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