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Support Israel by Supporting SodaStream

I had no idea that SodaStream was Israeli.

And since everything west of the Jordan River is Israel, I may actually give a few of these as gifts.

I hadn’t considered them till now, but I found a silly boycott of them on a blog, so, as a Christian,  it is wise to offer my support of  financial stability for my fellow palestinians.



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Personal Responsibility

This relates to the issue in Arizona in which people making bad choices have a reduction of $50 in (my tax paid for) subsidies (benefits are earned not given by the government). In a discussion on facebook, I stated that I have no problem reducing the benefits for people who are grossly overweight (if not caused by a real medical condition), smokers, alcohol abuse, drug abuse. I do NOT pay taxes so people can have a “career” of welfare, get fat eating chips and drinking soda, smoke cigarettes, abuse drugs and alcohol, etc which raises MY taxes in higher medical subsidies. PERSONAL responsibility! The job of government is NOT to take care of a person from cradle to grave!

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