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Yahoo Answers Question Regarding God and Allegiance to a country

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Do you think God condones those who pledges their allegiance to a country?
Can you be a Christian and pledge your allegiance to a country… it could be Chile, United States, England, France… any country you choose.

Does God condone your allegiance to a kingdom not his own?

What country does God like best? The USA, Iran, Japan, England, Germany? Can you pledge your allegiance to more than one country?

Why or why not?

Should Christians be neutral and not pledge their allegiance to a country?

Titus 3:1 KJV
“Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates , to be ready to every good work”

Spiritual privileges do not make void or weaken, but confirm civil duties. Mere good words and good meanings are not enough without good work.

But, this applies only in that the laws do not force the person to violate God’s laws.

God favors no nation, but His blessings are upon those people who follow Him and obey His laws. As the only nation founded specifically as a Christian nation and based on Christian values, the USA became the lead country of the world due to this Christian background. As the USA pulls further away from these values, her decline is self evident. God does not shower His blessings on a people gone astray, who turn away from His laws.
Bible, God’s Word

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